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I had first stumbled across furry fandom in the summer of 1996, taking time to read and research things before I started to be more social with the rest of the fandom. I found a Usenet newsgroup called, a group for discussion of the more spiritual, visceral side of furry fandom. It was common for newcomers to the newsgroup to post a “Furvey” to introduce themselves. This was mine, originally posted to on 15 July 1997.

Hi folks!

Well, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Duncan (just Duncan for now – more will probably be along later). I was directed to a.l.f. by Four-Eyes (thanks guy!) and got hooked. I’m afraid I started shooting my mouth off before we were properly introduced – please excuse my bad manners. Below is my Furvey – if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me directly!

                      Best regards,


                           Furvey 2.5




1) Are you male or female?


2) How old are you?


3) What zodiac sign are you?


4) What Chinese New Year animal are you? (if you don’t know, write the year in which you were born)

   <redacted in 2020 because we now live in less trusting times>

5) What month/day were you born in?

   <redacted in 2020 because we now live in less trusting times>

6) Are you left handed or right handed?

   Right-handed, but only because I was forced to write with my right hand in elementary school (and my handwriting still sucks because of it)

7) What interests/hobbies do you have?

   Reading, net.surfing, cooking, homebrewing, and medieval recreation (I’m active in the Society for Creative Anachronism)

8) What do you do for a living?

   I’m a chemical engineer

9) What talents do you have?

   <blush> Well…I’m an excellent cook, and a pretty good tenor. And I’m a great listener.

10) What annoys you the most, in general?

   People who talk at great lengths about things they know nothing about

11) Where in the world do you live?

   Durham, NC, USA

12) What part of your country do you live in? (city, countryside, suburbs etc)


13) Do you consider yourself to be psychic, in any way?

   More empathetic than psychic, I think, but it’s a matter of semantics

14) Do you consider yourself to be of above-average intelligence?

   Sometimes – depends on the company (is that snobbish? it isn’t meant to be)

15) Is your living space (e.g. room/house/apartment etc) furry themed?

   Most of the artwork on my walls is animal or furry themed.

16) What kind of music do you like?

   Celtic, Celtic rock, “alternative,” and Early music

17) What do you do to relax/wind down?

   Read, cook, and catch up on e-mail

18) Do you draw/write/make furry things?

   I can’t draw to save my life, but I’ve written some fiction which touches on furriness.

19) Have other furs seen them?

   It’s posted publically –  

20) Have non-furs seen them?


21) Have they been shown somewhere? (Avatar, newgroups, web pages, comics, fanzines)

   Not to my knowledge

22) Are you a meat eater?

   Yes, but I occasionally lapse into a few days of vegetarianism (I wish I could say it was for noble reasons, but sometimes I just get tired of meat, and I cook for vegetarian friends often enough that I know some great meatless recipes)

Being furry


23) How does furriness influence your life?

   I’m not really sure yet – we’ll see.

24) Do you think about furriness more than anything else?

   On occasion – usually during quiet moments at home.

25) Was your furriness evidence from a young age?

   Only as an affinity for dogs and wolves.

26) What do you like most/least about being furry now?

   Least: Trying to explain furriness

   Most: Finding a group of like-minded folk out there

27) What is/are your ‘totem’ animal(s)?

   Definitely Dog, and maybe wolf. I’m still investigating this.

28) How, and when, did you realise your furriness?

   It was something I sort of slid into over the past few years – buying furry artwork, becoming addicted to furry newsgroups, etc. If I had time, I’d probably spend long hours mucking, but that ain’t to be.  

29) Was it by accident, or did you strive to discover why you felt this way?

   Initially it was an accident, but then I started to wonder why furries interested me so.

30) Do you think that your (human) body resembles, in any way, an animal? (e.g. long, slender feet)

   No, not particularly.

31) Do you think that your personality resembles that of any animal/furry?

   Absolutely. I see myself as a calm, trusting dog (husky? very likely)

32) Would you prefer to not feel furry?

   Certainly not. I am what I am, and I’m quite glad to be who I am, thenkyewverymuch.  

33) What kind of furry interests/hobbies do you have?

   Occasional writing, mostly (tho’ I hope to write more)

34) Do you ever doubt how furry you are?

   No, not really.

35) Are you ashamed/proud of being furry?

   I don’t think it’s a matter of being ashamed or proud – it’s what I am.

36) Have you ever worried about your ‘furriness’?


37) Did you ever think you were childish/weird/confused?

   Oh, I’m always confused – I’m just at peace with that fact 🙂

38) Did you every attempt to seek professional advice/write to a problem



39) Have you ever had a furry dream?

   Yes, many.

40) Do you have them on a regular basis?

   Not really.

41) Do you wear ‘furry’ clothes? (not necessarily fursuits)

   If I had ’em, I’d wear ’em. Too new to the scene to own anything cool.

42) How do you act furry in public/in private/with friends? (furry and non-furry friends)

   I act like myself, which is furry enough IMHO.

43) Do you collect items relating to your totem animal? e.g. statues, plushies etc.

   I have a lot of wolf and dog artwork.

44) Do you collect miscellaneous furry items? e.g.books, magazines, etc

   Oh yes! Ten Furcent, some of Tristan Alexander’s work, Frank Gembeck, Jr. – a real hodgepodge.

45) Has a major event in your life ever been affected by your furriness, or had a furry theme? e.g. a wedding

   Not that I know of.

46) Do you think you are furry for a reason, if so, why?

   There’s a nifty spiritual answer to this – I’ll let you know when I find it.

Being ‘truly’ furry


50) Would you (given the chance) live in a furry-only world?

   Yes, I think so.

51) Would you become an animal/furry (assuming you could change back), given

    the chance?


52) Would you become an animal/furry (assuming you *couldn’t* change back), given the chance?

   ‘Twould depend on the furry

53) Do you ever fantasise about being ‘truly’ furry?

   I’ve toyed with the idea, and written some (unpublished) fiction

54) Describe your furry alter ego.

   Ooh – good question. Prolly a 6′ tall, anthro husky, in shades of gray and white and piercing blue eyes.

55) Is your furry alter ego a carnivore/vegetarian/ominvore?


Furry fandom


56) What furry things do you watch/read? e.g. films, cartoons, books etc

Kevin & Kell (of course), furry-themed movies (i.e. Beauty and the Beast [Beast was waaay cuter than the prince], Cats Don’t Dance, etc.), Miscellaneous furry comics (Warthaven, Hepcats, etc.)



57) Are you religious?

   Not really.

58) What religion are you?

   Recovering Catholic (my apologies to you RC’s out there – it works for you, but it didn’t work for me), but I tend to follow my own path, a belief that there exists some Mystery which Makes It All Work, and most likely doesn’t give a hoot whether we bow down to it or not.

59) Do you think that being furry is like a religion?

   Mmmmm no, not really.

60) Does being furry make you question your religion/beliefs?


Other people


61) Are there others in your family who are furry?

   Not that I know of.

62) Do you worry about people knowing about your furriness?

   Only as far as I have to take the time to explain it.

63) Are there people who are intolerant of your furry lifestyle?

   Yeah, but then there are people out there who are intolerant of me anyway

64) How do you cope with these people?

   I make sure they’re not around me.

65) Do you know someone who might be furry, but isn’t aware of it?

   One or two.

66) How can you tell?

   They *really* like my furry artwork (which is mostly gay, but they’re straight. Hmmm.)

68) Is your Significant Other furry?

   I’ll work on getting the S.O. part first – we’ll worry about furry or not later 😉

The Internet


70) What newsgroups do you subscribe to?

   Heh. Lessee: the requisite fur.* groups (via, aff, soc.motss,,, triangle.*,

71) What furry-internet activities do you do?

   Mostly read furry ng’s and visit websites. As I said before, I just don’t have time for mucking or IRC.

73) How important do you think the Internet is in your furry lifestyle?

   Very. I doubt I would have found or understood furriness without the net.

74) Do you access/did you join the Internet just for the furry stuff?

   On occasion.

75) Do you have your own web page/FTP site?

   Yep –

76) What kind of things are on it?

   My coming out story, the de rigeur list of furry links (with a [rather inaccurate] furry drawing of me as a merino ram), music links, and info on the Society for Creative Anachronism

77) How did you discover the online furry community?

   Initially through aff, but the signal-to-noise ratio there left something to be desired. I went hunting and found alf. My first reaction was, “Maybe these folks thae things too seriously.” Then I read more, and started to understand that y’all are actually onto something.

Furry community


81) Have you met (real life) furries?

   Nope, not yet.

82) Do you often go to furry gatherings? e.g. Confurence, informal gatherings

   Not yet. I’d like to, though.



84) Do you own any pets, or have access to animals? (stables etc)

   No <sob>

85) Would you like to own some pets, or have access to animals?


86) Do you work / have you ever worked / do you want to work with animals/furries?

   I wish I could work with animals, but I’m just a boring ol’ engineer.

87) Do you ‘bond’ easily with animals?

   I get along with dogs quite well. Cats and I, well, I tolerate them, as they tolerate me.

88) Do you agree with hunting?

   Only for sustenance, never for sport.

89) Are you concerned about the environment?


90) About cruelty to animals?


91) What are your favourite kinds of pet?

   Dogs! Medium-sized dogs, mostly – huskies, labs, and German shepherds.

92) Are you interested in real animals as well as furries?


93) Do you have a greater-than-average knowledge of your totem animal(s)? i.e. do you own books on wolves or foxes, etc.

   I have books on wolves.

94) Do you ever get annoyed about how animals (in particular, your totem animal) are portrayed in fables/mythology?


95) Have you ever/do you enjoy watching animals in the wild?  e.g. lions on safari, foxes in your backyard etc

   Yep. My favorite incident is when I was driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I saw what looked like a dog at the top of a ridge alongside the road – when I stopped and got out of the car, I realized I was staring at a cute little coyote. He stared back at me for a while, then trotted off. Cool.

96) What is your least favourite kind of animal/pet?

   Fish. Or maybe rabbits (as a pet, mind you – rabbits are cool in the wild). I’m not big on pets that don’t reciprocate affection.

97) Do you read books/magazines/etc about totem animals, theriopomorphing or animal thelogy etc?

   Some books.

Furry sexuality (yiffing)


98) How would you describe your sexuality?

   Gay, but rather vanilla I fear

99) Does outdoors sex make you feel more furry?

   Hmmm – I’ll let you know 😉

100) Do you prefer humans, animals, plushies, furries, or are they equal?

   Prolly humans and furries equally.

101) Is your sexual orientation with humans the same as it is with animals?

   Yep. A big ol’ furry fag – that’s me! 🙂

103) In what aspects of your sexuality are you open?

I’m out to everyone I know. For the reasoning behind this, see my web page.

106) It is a common case for many furries to live their lives as heterosexual, and then through furry to discover their attraction for the same sex, (be it same sex humans or furries) – is this the case with you?


107) Has your discovery of being furry made you re-evaluate your sexuality?


108) Do you feel you are more open sexually due to furriness?

   Again, I’ll let you know <wink>

109) Do you enjoy casual sex with furries/non furries?

   No. For me, casual sex is not an option, out of more concern for my mental health than physical health (although physical health ain’t far behind!)

110) Do you practice safe sex?


111) How do your masturbation fantasies involve furries? (if appropriate)

   Er, well, yeah. (Why does this make me blush when none of the previous questions did?)

112) Does sex in a fursuit make you feel more furry?

   No, not really. Sounds stifling, actually.

113) Do you compare a relationship (sexual or not) as being analogous to a pack or pride behaviour?

   I started to say no, then I thought about some of my friends, and what the social dynamic is between our group – it is very much like pack behavior. Interesting…


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