Monthly Archives: May 2011

Breaking the Inertia

Bless me LiveJournal, for I have sinned. It’s been three months since my last entry, so I suppose I should talk about what’s been going on, even though there’s been nothing really that notable. I should say that I do keep daily tabs on what’s going on on both Twitter and Facebook, so my life isn’t completely lost to the ether, but I do like to occasionally document important stuff here.

So, the highlights from February: Had my annual review at work and everything is copacetic. fordshepherd and baja-hyena came into town for a late Valentine’s Day weekend and we enjoyed a tasty dinner at Heaven on Seven. Dan closed out the month by jumping into an ice-filled lake, after raising over $1,200 for Special Olympics. Right after that it was down to the United Center to see the Blackhawks play.

March brought an acceleration of planning for our upcoming Alaskan cruise. We put together a couple of great web chats to help coordinate the 16 (!) other people going on the cruise with us. I ventured into Chicago with some of the rowdy Chicago furry crew for a pre-St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl which was entertaining and a sad reminder of why I never did bar crawls in college. I played with my Sous Vide Supreme some more and made carnitas: pork shoulder cooked in lard for 50 hours at 143 degrees F, then shredded and fried in lard. So good, but so bad for you!

In April, it was off to Michigan for Furry Connection North! We had a great time, hosted several parties, organized a group dinner for 40 at Zingerman’s Roadhouse, and generally enjoyed the convention. As always, the staff does a great job, and we’re already looking forward to next year. We had some fun making three different flavored popcorns: duck fat, bacon, and white chocolate with cinnamon. All three were a big hit and we’ll be experimenting more with that! Toward the end of the month, we had to take Buddy to the vet to have some lumps removed (it happens with old dogs, unfortunately). This turned into a bit of comedy of errors as stitches got torn open, and the poor guy was stuck with the Cone of Shame around his neck for three weeks, though eventually he got used to it.

May started off with the Furry Convention Leadership Roundtable (FCLR), which went really well this year. It looks like we’re picking up speed with it and next year we hope to have representation from even more conventions. I found that I sprained my right ankle and have plantar fasciitis in my left foot, so I’ll be starting physical therapy tomorrow. So that brings you up to speed with what’s going on.

Looking ahead, we leave for Anchorage in a week and a half to finally kick off our Alaskan cruise! We’re very excited about this trip. Yesterday was spent doing some much-needed clothes shopping, both for the cruise and for clothes afterward as well. Today has been pretty quiet – my goal is not to leave the house at all today! This week and next will be pretty crazy at work, too. I’m trying to wrap up some projects and have some things tended to while I’m gone, so that’s going to take some good advance planning. Unfortunately, part of that includes me having to go into work briefly tonight at 11 PM to make sure some instructions are followed by the third shift staff. Ah well – sacrifices must be made sometimes. And now off to take care of some laundry!