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The Countdown Is On!

In two and a half hours I’m out of here, and ready to start our vacation. I’m so ready for it, too.

Last night I re-torqued my back (I had hurt it earlier in the week) and just couldn’t get comfortable in bed. I wound up getting up to take some Ibuprofen and didn’t get back to bed until a little before 1 AM. Couple that with the alarm going off at 5 AM and yeah, I’m dragging a bit today. If this is a problem tonight, I’m absolutely hitting the Flexeril.

Speaking of tonight, it’s going to be busy. takaza and I are packing the car for Furry Connection North when we get home from work, then it’s over to the movie theater at Gurnee Mills to see This American Life Live! with roho and genet. After that wraps up at around 9 PM, we’ll be driving to Mishawaka, Indiana, spend the night, then head up to the hotel in Novi, Michigan on Friday. We expe

We’ll be at FCN until mid-Sunday afternoon, and should be leaving for home at around 3 PM. I’m looking forward to a fun convention, some great company, good food, and entertaining parties. Rumor has it they’re looking at around 650 folks this year, and I’m not surprised – it’s a great convention, and I know the whole staff has worked really hard to live up to the great reputation they earned their first year, last year. It’s going to be a blast!

…And sometimes you roll snake eyes.

I’ve been trying to expand our menu a bit lately, and investigating interesting recipes we find online. We’ve had good luck with a couple of different cuisines and dishes, so I was really hopeful. Tonight’s candidate was Shredded Chicken Red Curry with Rice Noodles. And it was…a bust. I was hoping cooking the onion and garlic down would make it more palatable to Dan, but it wound up driving him upstairs to get away from the strong smell. The deal-killer for me was the relatively large amount of fish sauce – the finished product tasted spicy, slightly onion-garlicky, which devolved into a strange, fishy flavor that came out of nowhere. Maybe 1/2 tablespoon of fish sauce instead to two tablespoons? Ah well. Live and learn…

Beer, Naan, and Easter!

Busy times over the past few days. Last Thursday we met with perro and darkwolph for some MFF stuff, followed by a thoroughly unpleasant dinner at Ram Brewery (stupidly crowded, stupidly loud, and mediocre food). Friday night we joined linnaeus for a delightful dinner at roho and genet‘s featuring chicken tikka masala and homemade naan – yummy! Saturday I worked in the morning, then takaza and I did some shopping, including finally ordering a console for our sectional sofa – hopefully that’ll be here by Memorial Day! And on Sunday, we spent the day with Dan’s family.

Not much going on this week, though. I’m dabbling with possible hotels and restaurants for our trip out to Iowa (in early June, maybe?). On various people’s advice, I’m looking at Iowa City, but we’ll see how that works out. Also, last night we nailed down our travel plans next week for Furry Connection North. After going to see This American Life Live! on Thursday night in Gurnee, we’ll be driving down to scenic Mishawaka, IN, where we’ll arrive way late and spend the night (yay free hotel room!). Then on Friday we’ll hit the road at a reasonable hour and arrive in Ann Arbor just in time to pick up lunch at Zingerman’s Deli. From there we’ll head over to the FCN hotel in Novi.

Dan and I will both be working Security, so we’ll be all over the place during the convention. Depending on our security scheduling, I’m hoping to be able to hit Zingerman’s Roadhouse for dinner on Saturday, perhaps followed by a celebration of libations (look for a more specific posting about that soon).

Then there’s Memorial Day coming up – we’re expecting a house full of people, and we have a lot of projects that we want to get done before then. You know, all those cleaning projects that normal people wouldn’t worry about but I actually fret about (“floss between cracks in banister”) 🙂 Lots of stuff to do!

Wedding Bells Are Ringing…

Wow, what an awesome weekend! And now that the time-consuming testing that has been killing me at work has wrapped up, I even have time to write about it.

First off, the important news: I’m engaged! Again! 🙂

On Friday night, takaza gave me a lovely bunch of roses when he got home. We had invited roho and genet over for a small, quiet dinner. While I was cooking (meatloaf, which came out fabulous!), Dan reached into my pocket and took out my ring, saying he was concerned I’d lose it. I pointed out I take it off at work every day (the joys of working in GMP areas) so he shrugged and put it back in my pocket – or so I thought. When I took a break from the kitchen, I started looking around for my ring – it wasn’t in my pocket! That’s when Dan got down on one knee, pulled out an Altoid tin and opened it, revealing my ring, and asked me to marry him, again! In light of recent news from Iowa, we’ll be driving over there in May or June on a Friday, get married, and spend a nice weekend there. I’m looking forward to it!

Saturday I got an early start on things, dropping a good chunk of the old conbooks that have been in our garage in a local recycling bin and disposed of a futon that we’ve been dragging around for several years but getting relatively little use from. I also stopped by the Grayslake Farmers Market for its opening day, but there wasn’t much of interest there, unfortunately. Afterwards, Dan and I spent the afternoon and evening working on some MFF stuff that, as aureth so obliquely put it, will become apparent in about seven and a half months 🙂

Sunday was a good day to relax, as the weather outside turned to sleet and snow. We tried to install an overhead light in our living room, only to find that the wiring is wonky enough that we’re better off leaving it as it is. The balance of the afternoon was spent watching Dollhouse and catching up on three episodes of Heroes (only five to go!).

As for this week, it looks like we’re going to do dinner with a couple of wuffs at some point, but not too much planned beyond that. Oh, and maybe installing that light in the upstairs bathroom. Good times…

HELP! Need volunteers for Anthrocon!

As many of you know, I am in charge of Artists Alley at Anthrocon. We operate a little differently than most Artists Alleys because of the Pennsylvania tax laws – we perform all sales transactions at a central cashiers table, collecting sales tax on each purchase, then at the end of each day pay all the artists back, less the sales tax. This year promises to be the largest Artists Alley we have ever had at Anthrocon; while we are getting upgraded equipment for cashiers, this means that we are in critical need of more staff (in addition to the excellent folks from previous years who will be returning).

How does it work? Well, I need at least four hours of your time each day (this can be adjusted according to your desired schedule, though). In return, you get:
* Free admission to Anthrocon
* A free Anthrocon 2009 T-shirt
* The right to pick up your badge and registration materials in the peaceful calm of the Operations Office, far from the madding crowd of Registration
* An excellent staff dinner on Sunday night of the convention

What a deal, eh? If you’re interested, you can comment on this post or drop me a line at Also, if you know of anyone who might be interested, please point them my way! Thanks.