Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Countdown Is On!

In two and a half hours I’m out of here, and ready to start our vacation. I’m so ready for it, too.

Last night I re-torqued my back (I had hurt it earlier in the week) and just couldn’t get comfortable in bed. I wound up getting up to take some Ibuprofen and didn’t get back to bed until a little before 1 AM. Couple that with the alarm going off at 5 AM and yeah, I’m dragging a bit today. If this is a problem tonight, I’m absolutely hitting the Flexeril.

Speaking of tonight, it’s going to be busy. takaza and I are packing the car for Furry Connection North when we get home from work, then it’s over to the movie theater at Gurnee Mills to see This American Life Live! with roho and genet. After that wraps up at around 9 PM, we’ll be driving to Mishawaka, Indiana, spend the night, then head up to the hotel in Novi, Michigan on Friday. We expe

We’ll be at FCN until mid-Sunday afternoon, and should be leaving for home at around 3 PM. I’m looking forward to a fun convention, some great company, good food, and entertaining parties. Rumor has it they’re looking at around 650 folks this year, and I’m not surprised – it’s a great convention, and I know the whole staff has worked really hard to live up to the great reputation they earned their first year, last year. It’s going to be a blast!