Monthly Archives: March 2005

So that was Easter?

Gee, for some reason it was a pretty low-key weekend. On Friday, takaza, linnaeus and I kinda bummed around in the living room, watching Tivo (and Linnaeus running around town in his underwear, carjacking people, shooting gang members, and gaining an impressive gut by eating $150 worth of pizza…in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, of course). As time went on our motivation to do anything slowly waned and eventually dinner became a quick trip to MickeyD’s by Paul and Dan to bring dinner back.

Saturday, I was rather stupid. I had been wanting to make this lovely apple clafouti for a party that night, and so I went on ahead and made it (after Paul graciously went to the store to pick up ingredients). So I peeled the apples, cooked the apples, made the batter, assembled it all – in general, spent about two hours on my feet making it. That was pretty stupid since I’m definitely still fighting the effects of cellulitis. I wound up wearing myself out and having to go back and take a nap for an hour. I felt a lot better after the nap and we headed up to the party. Good food, good friends, and a general good time was had by all. Dan and I got home by 10:30 and we crashed not too long after.

Sunday, there’s not a lot to say. We made some rounds of the grocery stores, buying groceries for the week, and were surprised at who was open and who wasn’t, given the holiday. Jewel and Lincolnwood Produce (the latter was a surprise) – open. Bed Bath and Beyond and Best Buy – closed. Huh, go fig. We came home and made a nice pot of chicken and dumplings and watched a couple of episodes of Ramsey’s Boiling Point, which was quite entertaining. And that was my weekend, yay. Hey, at least I didn’t have to spend it in a hospital, though!

The leg feels OK this morning, though if I don’t keep it elevated like I’m supposed to it starts to ache a bit. Heh. Nice reminder. I’ve got a follow-up visit with the doctor on Friday, so we’ll see how things stand then. Incidentally, for anyone who ever has to take Zithromax: acidophilus pills are a VERY good thing to have!

As for plans for this week, I’ll definitely be at LAFF Coffee. We don’t have much planned otherwise, and nothing for the weekend either. Shocking! I’m certain stuff will come up, though. Hope everyone’s Mondays have started off OK, or at least bearably!

Both takaza and I were dragging a bit last night (I didn’t sleep well the night before). I played a bit of Ratchet and Clank, which provides a nice catharsis (getting close to the end, I think, but I’ll probably take a few days’ break from it while we have company). I sauteed up some chicken breasts and we had a quick dinner while linnaeus picked up rasslor at the airport without incident. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out, chatting, and watching the latest episode of The Amazing Race. Then it was off to bed and a much better night’s sleep.

Things are chugging along here at work today. It sounds like Dan is feeling a bit under the weather today – I hope he feels better after a nap at lunch. He may or may not be joining us for LAFF Coffee tonight, but Rasslor, Linnaeus (his employer willing, as usual), and I hope to be there. I hope that we’ll be able to show Rasslor a couple of fun “locals-only” places while he’s up in Chicago. Hey Brophey, any uniquely Midwestern souvenir we should send back with your bear? 🙂

Ow. My ear hurts. I know it’s irritation from wearing earplugs to bed every night – it sucks to be a light sleeper. This just happens sometimes. With luck, I can get through it without having to visit my shiny new doctor (chosen blindly when Takaza switched our health care coverage over to Aetna when he transferred). I’m a bit surprised, though. I didn’t realize my chosen doctor was affiliated with a college. Heck, I didn’t realize there’s an actual college in North Chicago. Who’da thunk it?

For some reason, traffic on the drive home yesterday was horrendous and added another twenty minutes to my commute, making it a little over an hour. At least I have my new Sirius radio to keep me company, yay! We took a quick poll when Paul and Dan got home and found that no one was motivated to make dinner, and no one was particularly hungry. So we skipped dinner, mostly, though Dan enjoyed some cheese from the weekend’s foray behind the Cheddar Curtain, and popped some popcorn for us to eat while we watched The Amazing Race. A pretty blah episode, unfortunately, though I’m really pulling for Patrick and his mother.

It’ll be a quick dinner of burgers tonight, I think, then we’re off to LAFF Coffee (yep, every Wednesday, Cafe Boost, 7:30 PM. You know the drill). The upcoming weekend looks like it might be a relaxing one, with only a visit from the DirecTV installer and a birthday party for everyone’s favorite hatepuppy on the agenda. Hmm. I have a craving for sushi. I should do something about that.

Well, enough rambling from me. Off to lunch I go!

The clock ticks slowly

It’s another quiet day here at work, which is just fine by me. Right now I’m marking time before I head out the door up to Congenial, where I intend to spend the weekend relaxing, spending time with friends, and (ahem) drinking 🙂

This week has been pretty busy. I’ve been working all week to get a in-dash bracket for my car so I can finally mount the Sirius Satellite Radio that takaza bought for me last weekend. We’ve had Sirius for about a year and a half, but only in the Element. I’ve been going nuts on my commute switching between NPR, one of the AM news stations for traffic reports, and my MP3 player. 20 GB is a lot of music, but after six months things start to get stagnant, and I’m looking forward to hearing new and different music once I get everything hooked up.

Speaking of my car, I turned 59,000 miles on it this week. This is significant because the warranty runs out at 60,000 miles, so I intend to drop it by a dealership next week for a final in-warranty checkup, get all the typical servicing done on it, etc. I expect that’s going to get a bit pricey, unfortunately, but it’s stuff that needs to be done. If I had my way I’d go ahead and trade it in and get another car, since I just know that the way this lemon is built it’s sure to fall apart the moment it goes out of warranty. Unfortunately, I think I’ve just reached the point where the money they’d give me for the trade-in would just equal the amount of money still left on the loan, so I’ll stick it out a while longer.

Things are still chugging along on the job front. Of the five people in our group, one is leaving next week; unfortunately they’ve said that they are not going to fill the position, so that doesn’t really open up any opportunities for me to sign on for a permanent position. On the bright side, it’s all the more reason for them to keep me on since there will be plenty of work to be done in her absence. I’ll continue to watch the internal job boards and apply when I can to various positions, as well. I think if I’m still a contractor when the summer vacation season comes around, things could get expensive due to lack of paid days off. I need to look at my Manpower paperwork and see what paltry benefits they might offer when I’ve worked enough hours.

But in two hours, I’ll be leaving all that behind! Swimming pool and hot tub, here I come…