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Chatty, aren’t we?

Yeah yeah – three posts from me in a day. I’m not allowed to be chatty? (or bored…)

I got the estimate back from the body shop last night: $1,891, just a hair more than the $1,800 that State Farm has set as a limit below which they won’t raise our insurance rates. I have a good feeling about this shop, though, and I think I can talk them down somehow to get them to drop the price by $91 (or a few more dollars). I also realized as I walked out last night that now I was driving a car with only on headlight. I called my insurance agent this mornign and they immediately took the attitude of, “Oh, we can’t have that!” and immediately set about arranging a rental car for me today. I’ll be dropping my car at the body shop at 5 PM and Enterprise should be there with a car waiting for me. We might be paying a bit more than with other insurance providers, but it’s nice to know we get good service for the extra bucks.

Not a lot planned for tonight, which is nice. I’ll probably be hanging around at home and working on editing the Restaurant and Services Guide together. My goal is to get it knocked out by the end of the weekend and e-mailed off to aureth.

Tomorrow, assuming that we can overcome weekend inertia, I plan to drive with linnaeus down to Bev-Art in some scary Southside neighborhood and see if there really is a decent homebrewing shop in the Chicago area (I certainly haven’t seen one yet!). The afternoon is set aside for Restraunt Guide work, then rumor has it that I’ll be joining daveqat and jimcyl for a trip up to Milwaukee for a trip to The Safe House. Should be an entertaining, if kitschy, evening. Then Sunday it’s off to justincheetah‘s Halloween party. Hmm, I should think about cooking something for that, if I have the time. We’ll see how things go tomorrow.

Argh! 5 PM can’t get here soon enough!

Fun at Cafe Boost last night

We had a fun night last night. The LAFF City Coffee Outing went well, with a total attendance of 12: duncandahusky, Linnaeus, chouette, perro, boixboi, daveqat, jimcyl, little_wolf, justincheetah, kittylad, Jamie (a gaymer gamer friend of Dave and Jim’s), and Sam (a new LAFFer!).

Much coffee was consumed, lots of con geekery, some political discussion, and general fun times ensued, followed by a pleasant walk through the Andersonville neighborhood. This is definitely going to be a regular thing, though I may keep it to every other week instead of weekly just to keep myself sane. We’ll probably do dinner at a restaurant next time around, but I have a week or so to figure out which one.

Want to see more? Click here for pics from my crappy cameraphone!


So I’m trying to merge from Skokie Blvd. (aka US 41) on the northbound Edens Expressway this morning, as traffic is slowly creeping along. I looked to my left to find a gap in traffic, and the SUV in front of me stopped suddenly. WHUMP!

Well, that sucked

Mid-week Update

Work then home, work then home.

Been a pretty boring week so far. A couple of high points:
– I was able to get time off in November for MFF OK’d. So I’m off on November 18, 19, and 22. The first two for preparation and actually running the silly thing, the last for recovery. Man, if I had to come back to work the after con, I think I’d die (I know you tried that, Aureth – it couldn’t have been much fun!). The downside is that I don’t get paid for those days. Coupled with the fact that I don’t get paid for the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving, those are going to be some mighty lean weeks.

– 181 postcards later, I’m finally caught up on pre-registration notification cards. Did you know it costs $0.70 to send a postcard to the UK? I do now. (jarrodhenry, your postcard was in among them)

– I had written off to the Wake County Board of Elections in North Carolina back at the beginning of October to request an absentee ballot. Last night I finally got a response…a Request for Absentee Ballot Form. That was due yesterday. Well, that was useful. To be fair, the envelope was postmarked October 16, so the fault lies with the Post Office, not the Board of Elections. I take small comfort in knowing that my vote would be a drop in the bucket in what is overwhelming a Republican state, but it would have been nice anyway.

– I’m still trying to find a better location for Registration on Thursday night of the con. We registered 281 people on Thursday night of last year, and judging from the increase in room nights this year, we’ll easily hit 500 people Thursday night this year. I think that while registering 500 people in four hours in the downstairs hallway would be possible it might not be particularly pleasant, so I’m working with our hotel liaison (the esteemed linnaeus) to investigate other locations in the hotel. One possibility would be to share the downstairs ballroom (which after Thursday night becomes the Gaming Room and Dealers Room) with the Thursday Night Ice Cream Social, but that might get a little tight. We’ll see what alternatives we can work up.

– Still have a bunch of stuff to order from various vendors. Thank heavens that mirkowuff is gratifyingly quick on the reimbursements, or my credit card would be a smoldering wreck right now!

– I’ll be turning off our old cell phones tonight (the 919 numbers). If you need our new telephone numbers and haven’t gotten them yet, send me an e-mail and I’ll bounce ’em to you.

And now to get a little work done in the minutes before lunch…

I seem to have a big grin on my face

Last night was difficult. After a reasonably good day at work, I called takaza to chat as I fought my way through Chicago traffic. After talking about this and that, he mentioned that it would probably be the first of the year at the earliest before his company finishes rearranging their financial department, and thus that would be the soonest he might realistically transfer up to the Chicago area. This hit me pretty hard – I knew it might take a while, but to put an actual date on it made it a little more real.

I was a bit of a mess after we finished talking, and I wondered about going to rustitobuck‘s for dinner and to discuss development of registration system software. I did end up going, and I’m glad I did. Rusty was an excellent friend and made me feel better about things, reminding me that we’ll be seeing each other frequently for the rest of the year and generally keeping me occupied until I worked my way out of the funk I was in. Thanks, Rusty, I needed that.

On the way home I talked with Dan again and we made some plans for next weekend, when he flies up to visit. I went to bed feeling pretty good.

Today has been a pretty good day as well. Took care of paperwork all morning, and we ordered out for some tasty barbecue. I got a call just after lunch saying something was waiting for me at the guardhouse. Odd. Heck, officially I don’t even exist to most people since I’m not in their databases yet. I went down to find a huge bouquet of a dozen roses waiting for me. Dan wanted to do something to cheer me up, and he certainly succeeded! He’s such a wonderful husband, and I’m so very lucky. All of my cow-orkers are jealous now, and that’s just fine with me! And the roses smell lovely, too. Thanks to datahawk and moryssa for their sneaky, behind the scenes work to get Dan in touch with the right people to get the flowers here.

So looking ahead: tonight I’ll be heading down to a party in Willowbrook, heaven help me. Given how traffic goes, I might make it there in two hours…or not. We’ll see. Tomorrow it’s off to Schaumburg to scout out new additions for the Midwest FurFest Restaurant Guide, and then meet roho and genet (plus company, possibly) for lunch, then tomorrow night I’ll be meeting up with friends for hockey!

Well, back to work. Hope y’all have a great weekend!

I suppose I should do this too…

To follow daveqat‘s lead…

Are you going to Midwest FurFest? How would you like to help the convention out? We need help at Registration, especially on Thursday night! You can work as much or as little as you like. Just a few hours on Thursday night? That would be awesome, and we’d appreciate it! But remember, if you put in 10 hours or more, you get a free membership to Midwest FurFest 2005! We will also work to get you a work schedule before the convention, making sure that you have time to do the stuff you enjoy at the con as well. And Registration is a great place to meet people as they arrive at the convention and generally hang out throughout the convention.

Interested? Drop us a line at and we’ll set you right up!

The obligatory what’s up…

Been a busy week, for all that I’m still a relative nonentity at work (i.e. no computer access). No access means that I can’t access the databases that I need to do my job, which is frustrating. On the bright side, everyone seems to have this attitude that they’re not expecting any productivity from me for about the first month, but that doesn’t make me feel much better.

I’ve tried taking the train to work a few days this week and I’m finding I really enjoy it. It takes a little longer, and it means that I have to leave for work at 6:30 AM and don’t get back until 6:30 PM, but even though it costs an extra 30-45 minutes, I’m not stressed all to hell when I get home. That’s worth it. And surprisingly, with monthly passes, the cost is actually cheaper than driving. This is a Very Good Thing, with a month of construction about to start on the Edens Expressway…

Meanwhile, evenings have been devoted to taking care of Midwest FurFest stuff. I’d forgotten how spoiled I’ve been for the last two years, having pretty much as much time as I want to work on con-related stuff. These next few weeks are going to be stressful, and there’s a whole lot of work to be done between now and mid-November.

Unfortunately, none of that work will be done this weekend. I leave directly from work this evening and drive down to O’Hare to fly out to Raleigh. Dan and I will be moving this weekend, from the place in Apex to Durham, about 20 miles to the north or so. It’s going to be a crazy weekend, and we’ll have the able assistance of zenwolph, along with our fabulous friends in the Triangle area. Dan has been busting his ass to get the house packed up and I’m certain he’s done a fantastic job.

FYI, our old house phone number (919-367-xxxx) will be going away after Saturday. You can reach Dan or me on our cell phones. I’ll post those as well as our new address in a friends-only entry after this (Mom and Dad, I’ll call you with the info).

Y’all have a great weekend!