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Mmm, chemical fumes

I really need to remember that too much Tilex in an enclosed space really sucks. I decided to take a break after gassing myself with the stuff yesterday and I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped. No problem, I’ll just be busy today. That’s probably good; it keeps my mind off other things, like whether the phone will ring or not.

In other news, this song absolutely rocks! Jennifer Saunders (yes, that Jennifer Saunders, sweetiedarling) can sing!

And still no phone call

So, I called the recruiter yesterday about the Abbott position; my “file has been re-opened” by Abbott and they’re just waiting to hear back. Given that I was told there were still two (of the original four) validation auditor positions still open, I was kind of hoping they’d jump on this. Evidently not. Does this mean I’ll be around for Memorial Day weekend? Well, not necessarily. About the only thing it means is that I won’t be driving up to Chicago today. All it takes is a phone call, though, and I may be driving up tomorrow. Or Thursday. The upshot is that I won’t know what’s going on for the weekend until Wednesday afternoon. What fun. In the meantime, I’m working under the assumption that I’ll be around and prepare accordingly.

And by the way, I’m not anal-retentive, really.

Translating Your White House Spokesman, Part #128

(On Bush’s bicycle accident Saturday)
Bush was wearing his bike helmet and a mouth guard when the mishap occurred.[White House spokesman Trent] Duffy said he didn’t know exactly how the accident happened.

“It’s been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose,” the spokesman said. “You know this president. He likes to go all out. Suffice it to say he wasn’t whistling show tunes.”

President Bush is not a faggot. He’s more butch than you’ll ever be.

It’s so nice to know that throwaway bigotry is a part of every day press briefings.
Hey, how about, “Suffice it to say he wasn’t eating watermelon and fried chicken.”? Or maybe, “Suffice it to say he wasn’t wearing any sombreros.” That’d be a real thigh-slapper, too.

Because, you know, gay people wouldn’t ride a mountain bike, any more than black or Hispanic people would. What the fuck?

And now some local politics

A commentary on one of the North Carolinas Republican candidates for Congress, courtesy of the ever-droll Mr. Sun:

Methinks thou doth protest too much!

Vernon Robinson sure has homosexuals on his mind! He seems to think of little else. In fact, I don’t know anyone who thinks about homosexuals as much as Vernon does, including homosexuals. On a single page from his website, Vernon talks about, and I quote:

radical homosexuals
-homosexual terrorists
militant homosexuals
-gay scoutmasters
-homosexual in a pup tent with your thirteen year-old son -homosexual sodomy
-want(ing) to give Barney Frank a Maalox Moment

It sounds to Mr. Sun like Vernon might want to give Barney Frank something milky, but perhaps not Maalox. Well, let me put it in limerick form. Everything is best as a limerick, wouldn’t you agree?

There once was a man named Vernon
Who hid his unnatural yearnin’
The more he pretended
The more he suspended
The fire in his loins a-burnin’

I hear the fashions there are terrible anyway

So, I got word today: they chose someone else for the job in Kentucky. Oh, they still have to make the offer, it could be turned down, the door isn’t closed, blah blah blah. Yes it is conceivably possible that they might come back to me. Is it anything I’ll predicate any decisions on? I think not.

So, couple that with the fact that the two job possibilities locally are moving so slowly that they have ceased to be a factor, we’re left with Plan B. I still need to get final word on a date, but sometime within the next week or two I’ll be up in Chicago interviewing with Abbott Labs for a contract position as Validation Auditor. That would only run through the end of the year, but it gets some money coming in and gives me some time to get my feet under me (and kills that question I always hear: What have you been doing since you lost your job in October of 2002?).

Should I get that job, things are going to get interesting: it would mean setting up two households, at least temporarily until takaza can transfer up to the Chicago area. I’m still exploring housing possibilities, both short and long term – right now I just don’t have enough information or certainty to go very far with that, though. We’re going to wind up having to make some big decisions fairly quickly, but we’ve done it in the past, and we can do it again.

Lots of fun over the last few days.

On Friday I got a surprise phone call from a recruiter I had spoken to some time ago. He had a job possibility – just a possible position, which leads me to think that the position hasn’t even been vacated yet – that he wanted to know if I was interested in. He said it was in Ringwood, Illinois, at which point I told him exactly what company it was. See, Ringwood is this tiny town located about five minutes from takaza‘s mom’s house that really only has one company there. I’ve driven past it many times and thought how great it would be if I could get a job there. I sent the recruiter an email explaining that it would be close to family and friends, as well as close to Dan’s company’s home office (so he could easily transfer) and stressed that this was an ideal location. Those of you who have followed my journal for any period of time know that there’s a whole lot that can wrong between this point and even getting an interview, so I’m certainly sure not going to make any plans based on this. It was a nice phone call, anyway.

That night we had dinner with some old, very dear friends of mine who I hadn’t seen in six or seven years, Vickie and David Broyles. Vickie was the first person I ever told I was gay, and has always been a wonderful friend. I’m so glad that we were able to reconnect, and it was great to see her and David again. I was a little nervous because I hoped that Dan got along with them, but I needn’t have worried – he and Vickie really hit it off while David and I talked shop. We had a tasty dinner al fresco at Spartacus, and ended the evening with a nice chat back at their hotel. I hope we’ll be seeing them again soon, and that we’ll be able to play hosts!

Saturday featured a god-awful early wakeup: 5:30 AM. Like we did two years ago, we assisted Dan’s employer’s golf outing by playing the all-important role of Refreshment Cart Drivers. The course had new carts this year which could only take one cooler at a time, so we each drove a cart and pretty much just drove laps around the golf course all morning providing soda and really bad beer to the golfers. Still, it was good fun, even if some of the experience was lost by having to use separate carts where we couldn’t really chat as we went. The one thing I’m really glad for is buying sunscreen – we would have gotten completely toasted if we hadn’t slathered the stuff on first thing in the morning.

That evening, we were joined by me_not_you and wildmouse for dinner at Patronies (where we learned that when it comes to pizza and salads, they make a pretty good calzone). We retired back to the house and watched some Tivo then they headed home as we were all falling asleep in our chairs.

I went over to help Donald bottle/keg beer on Sunday (and I didn’t confiscate those bottles, they cried out to be liberated!) and we made plans to brew up the next batch or two of beer – possibly on Memorial Day, if our guests are interested. After that we went up to Gino’s for a tasty lunch. They left for gaming, and Dan and I bummed around the house for the afternoon, before making a quick trip to the store for groceries. We had a nice quiet evening and generally relaxed.

So, this week: I’m going to head down to my parents’ place tomorrow and hang out there until Thursday morning. If the stars align properly, I may even pop over to Athens and have lunch with rasslor. Also of note: I should know the decision on the job in Kentucky by the end of the week. As soon as I know what’s up there, I’ll be sure to pass it along. Well, off to pay some bills…

I have a recap of the weekend to write still today, but in the meantime: These eyewitness accounts of the crowds at Cambridge, Massachusetts brought a tear to my eye.

“The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come.”
– Prior Walter, Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika by Tony Kushner

Cool stuff!

CBS greenlights The Amazing Race 6 for later this year or summer 2005. Yay! (Link courtesy of TVTattle)

An inside look at the pilots in store for the fall season, with suitably snarky commentary. (Link courtesy of TVTattle)

Do you like kites? Takaza got a cool catalog in the mail from Into the Wind – they have a fabulous collection of kites for sale at surprisingly low prices. Once we have some disposable income, I plan on grabbing a couple of thse beauties.

Manitoban town’s ATM closes down, leaving the closest bank services nine hours away by car, or three days by bus. (Link courtesy of Fark)

The Webby Award winners have been announced. Not that I particularly care, but it is a neat way to find cool websites you might never have come across before, like Map24 and ZeD.

Ok, fine. I guess it’s my turn

So I’m a bit late in getting around to this meme, but here’s the deal (I’m stealing this version from atara):
This is a twist on the music meme. Load up your entire music directory/s into your player of choice, spin it to random, and list a random line from each song. Then you, fair reader, get to guess what each song is! There are 20 songs below, from a weird variety of genres. Post your guesses in the comments.

Here we go!

Fun toys!

Here’s a couple of interesting links I’ve come across over the last few days!

Music Plasma – a “music visual search engine,” this is really fun to play with. Enter your favorite artist and it shows similar artists, with their relative similarity, popularity, and styles all shown graphically. A very fun toy.

Here is a fantastic way to measure the speed of light at home using marshmallows and a microwave oven. This is a brilliant bit of DIY physics.

To wander over into the political, I’ll point you to my favorite lefty weblogs: Eschaton,, and corrente. I’d point to some righty weblogs except that, well, I’m not a righty and have no interest in reading them. Others are welcome to and post about it in their journal, though!

And then there’s Monday

Well, that was a lovely weekend. We were graced by the presence of zenwolph, and we did…well, we didn’t do much, and that was kind of nice. Zen came in late Friday night and we stayed up entirely too late chatting. After a far-too early wakeup on Saturday (curse my internal alarm clock!), we ventured out, with our first stop being an introduction to geocaching for Zen. A relatively easy find, and I was finally able to drop off the travel bug that I picked up from awfulhorrid and chouette about eight months ago. Um, whoops. After that, we stopped by The Q Shack for some delicious barbeque (love their Texas-style sauce!), then wandered around Beast Buy a bit and picked up a new wireless adapter. Unfortunately, I found later in the weekend that for some reason this adapter doesn’t play well with something on my laptop and just…quits at random intervals, the only recovery being a full reboot. So that’s going back to the store this week.

We came back and lounged around a bit, watching an episode of Wolf’s Rain and the final Iron Chef America episode. Feeling the need to break the inertia, we wandered over to the newly-reopened-from-bankruptcy FunWerks where Zen and Takaza played a little DDR and we watched the go-karts for a bit. We didn’t actually get in on it because the lines were just too long, but we’ll be going back sometime soon, I suspect. Afterwards, we stopped by a Patronie’s Pizza to pick up dinner. This of course fueled Harry-Potter-inspired puns about waiting for the pizza guy: Expecto Patronies! Yeah, yeah, groan all you want 🙂

Sunday was a nice slow start, with another episode of Wolf’s Rain and just hanging out and chatting (and laptop geeking – those of you who have visited us before know how surprising that is!). We grabbed lunch at Abbey Road Tavern and Grill (mmm, their Ringo burger is tasty, but someone deserves a swift kick in the head for that nasty stuff they’re serving as garlic mashed potatoes), then it was time to see Zen off for Richmond. As always, it was lovely having him down and we look forward to next time!

We took a short nap after that and then I made an extremely tasty pound cake (I can post the recipe if anyone wants). me_not_you and wildmouse came over and we watched the Survivor: All-Stars finale. Well, I was pulling for Rupert, but I would have been happy with Jenna, even. It seems the two winning strategies are either screw everyone in sight or fly under the radar, though the former is exceedingly difficult to pull off and is almost always trumped by the latter when it comes to the Final Two. It wasn’t the least-satisfying ending I’ve seen on Survivor, but it ranked pretty far down. (And those who would comment about how virtuous you are and what an awful show Survivor is: you are cordially invited to piss off) I look forward to the premiere of The Amazing Race 5 on July 6; it’s by far our favorite reality show and a heck of a lot of fun to watch.

Several phone calls to make today, jobs to be applied to, and catch up on a bit of housework. Hope everyone’s week is just fabulous!


So the trip to Chicago was somewhat fruitful, I’d say. I made some good contacts, and have a line on some possible contract work with Abbott Laboratories. We’ll see if anything comes of that. Meanwhile, there’s still Amfine and Static Controls, either of which could call and offer me a job, and Honeywell, who I should be hearing if they want me to come in for an interview sometime this week. So, as usual, stuff is still up in the air.

When I last wrote anything of note, I was about to head off to Froggy’s for dinner with Linnaeus and Datahawk.

Wow, what an amazing meal! Click for details…