Monthly Archives: December 2003

Quote of the day

A slight paraphrase from the commentary on “The Train Job” episode of Firefly:

Tim Minear (executive producer): You know would have been great? Airing the pilot first!
Joss Whedon (writer, exec. producer): Madness! Madness!
Tim: They laughed at him at the Academy!
Joss: Well, they showed the pilot last. Last is like first, but not.

The day after

Though after what? Christmas was an entirely low-key affair around here, and that was just fine by me. We exchanged presents on Christmas Eve, and while they weren’t big, both Takaza and I appreciated the presents we got for one another. Here’s hoping an end to lean Christmases after this year, though! I got the one thing for Christmas that no money could buy, though: my wolf home here with me. That’s worth more than anything.

Dan shocked me by being awake before I was yesterday. We sat and watched a bit of TiVo, then got some breakfast downstairs. The stairs aren’t presenting the problem that I had worried about, so that’s a great relief. After a walk in the neighborhood, we watched the first episode of Firefly, “Serenity.” An excellent episode, methinks. Then we watched it with the commentary, which was hilarious but also bad because Dan was laughing so hard it made his stomach hurt. This was followed by a batch of yummy chicken and dumplings for dinner, and then an early bedtime for Dan. He had a fever of 100.2, which worried me, but it’s the nature of things I guess. I stayed up a bit too late surfing the net, though my evening was brightened by a phone call from datahawk – it’s always wonderful to talk with you, babe!

So, today. It’s a quarter after 10 and there’s no signs of life. I checked Dan’s temperature a few hours ago and it was down to 99.1, which is good. He went back to sleep and I’ve been having a nice, lazy morning, chatting with folks online and enjoying my coffee and paper. Once Dan is awake and I finish doing laundry we’ll see about maybe going out someplace for a walk – something different, a little change of scenery.

We have the best damn friends in the world

wildmouse and me_not_you came over tonight, with Thomas and Sherry and Rich. Janelle, amazing person that she is, cooked up a wonderful dinner of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, green beans, and fresh homemade bread, and a yummy bundt cake to boot. They brought it all in, served it up for me and Dan, and packed it all out again, cleaning the kitchen before they left, but not before tucking away some leftovers in the fridge for us for later.

I can’t begin to thank you all enough. This was exactly what we needed. We couldn’t ask for more wonderful friends.

Merry Christmas, everyone!