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KC, Here I Come!

Not enough time to write a big journal entry right now. Takaza wrote a nice wrap-up of our weekend, so I’ll spare you that. I’m off to Kansas City in a few hours for a job interview. If I were less frazzled I’d write in detail about why I’m frazzled, but that’ll have to wait a few days. I’ll be back later tomorrow night, and I’ll be off the net for the duration (aaaagh!). Y’all will get a full report on things when I get back.

(Hmm – I just noticed my flight out goes though Midway. Geeze, I thought it was direct. Pity you can’t do much with a 30-minute layover!)

Mmmm, munchies

(LJ was barfing earlier, so here’s another shot at posting this. It should have been posted at 6 PM)

You now, the downside of having wireless access through a cable modem at home is that local WiFi/broadband hotspots don’t quite have the cachet that they could, but hey, it’s nice to have.

So, I’m sitting here waiting for Takaza to show up here at Dakota Grill, which offers the aforementioned WiFi access, allowing me to kill a little time by posting to LiveJournal. Dakota Grill, by the way, not only specializes in the cuisine of North Dakota (seriously – apparently there is a “cuisine” there) but it is also notable for being the only place in the Triangle I know of that offers that most unique of Canadian delicacies, poutine. Mmm, cholesterol goodness. On the bright side, I just discovered that Thursday night is 1/2 price “premium” beer night – hey, I’ll take $1.50 Sam Adams with a smile!

Anyway, after a tasty meal here, we’re headed over to the new Movies at Brier Creek to see The Matrix Reloaded. I’ll post my impressions on it tomorrow, suitably hidden behind a cut tag (thanks, rigelkitty!).

Well, it looks like we’re not going to make the shindig in Blacksburg this weekend – looking at our checking account balance versus the cost for gas and meals for two up there, it looks like we’ll be better off staying at home. We are kicking around plans to go up in June, though, to do some tubing on the New River – vt_komainu, I’ll give you a shout if that comes to pass. Instead, we’re going to check out Artsplosure here in Raleigh, and maybe catch a movie (Lost in La Mancha is opening at Madstone tomorrow, and I still want to see A Mighty Wind). Or we may just lay around Sunday and be slave to the Tivo. Either way is fine by me.

Hmm, my phone isn’t connecting to the Sprint network. This is Not a Good Sign. Given that it’s a reconditioned phone, it could mean that I’m on my way to a new phone. Ick – I’ll have to pursue that tomorrow.

Food’s here! Time to eat.

Look! A bug!

Well, that was quite a lovely weekend. We had a nice lazy Saturday morning, then ran a few errands. First, a stop by Total Wine, a new wine superstore in the area. My assessment: I wasn’t particularly impressed by the selection – it seemed like a slightly expanded version of what you might find in the Harris Teeter wine section. They’d never heard of Marquis-Phillips, which is a definite strike against them in my book. I suppose their prices might have been good, though I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to save a buck on a bottle of Beringer Merlot. The beer section didn’t have anything I wouldn’t find at Whole Foods. Given that they’re in a very inconvenient location (in Crossroads Plaza, across from Beast Buy, for you locals), I can’t say I’d go out of my way to go there again. Besides, I’m very happy with the selection and customer service at Carolina Wine Company.

From there it was over to Whole Foods for ingredients to make brownies with white chocolate (have I posted that recipe to LJ? I need to go back and check). We splurged and got European butter (higher butterfat content) along with Ghirardelli chocolate. Once the brownies were made, it was off to fuzzytoedcollie‘s lovely home for dinner with him and darkwolph. I hadn’t met Wolphy before though I’d seen him around Furfest – he’s a very nice guy (and unattached, I hear, for those of you in the market 😉 Stories were swapped, much iced tea was drunk, and we all enjoyed the delicious rotisserie chicken that Joe prepared. Thanks again for a delightful evening, both of you!

Sunday. Well, there’s not much to report about Sunday because we didn’t do diddly, and it was quite wonderful. Our biggest accomplishment for the day was to reduce the list of programs on our Tivo down to two screens – pretty good for a day’s work I’d say! (Though that may be more episodes of “The Fairly Oddparents” than I ever want to see in one sitting again) We were up a bit late catching the disappointing “Survivorfinale (hey, we were pulling for Matthew – yeah he was a freakjob, but he was better than the ditz who won).

So, plans for the week – we’ve got the Mage/Werewolf on Wednesday, then we’re getting the Gang together to see The Matrix Reloaded on Thursday. This coming weekend is up in the air – I’d kind of like to go up to Blacksburg for the CarolinaFurs/VT-Furs meet, but Dan’s not sure. I note that there’s a bunch of geocaches in that area, so that could be a fun diversion. It’s been too darned long since I hiked Dragon’s Tooth, too (great views from there – that page also has some shots from McAfee’s Knob, a hike we did a few years back. Tough hike, but what a payoff!). I’m also thinking a nice Chappie’s Choice at Gillies would be pretty darned tasty. We’ll see what we can work out.

8 AM and all’s well!

Well, all’s pretty quiet, actually. No signs of life from either Takaza (big shock there) or the roommate. Coffee is calling me soon, but in the meantime, here’s what’s been going on.

When we started the week, we had no plans for this weekend. That got changed somewhere along the line and I’m still trying to figure out what happened…

Here’s the rundown