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da Husky will be ON THE AIR!

Looks like I’m going to be filling in for ashmcairo tonight on Reverend Radio!. To listen, just click on the previous link, think click on the “Play” icon.

I’ll be starting tonight at 7 PM, Eastern Time. The first hour or two will be devoted to a Celtic tour of Europe, Canada, and the United States. That will be followed by a Celtic rock set, some folk, then some plain ol’ rock ‘n’ roll to close out the show, sometime around 1 AM ET. Tune in and let me know what you think, either by e-mail (duncan at wolfhusky dot org) or on FurryMuck (DuncHusky).

So THAT is what I was feeling…

And here I was thinking I was the only one feeling vaguely queasy about those catfight Bud Light ads:

The prize for actively attempting to repel potential customers goes to Bud Light, for a series of spots as tasteless as the beer-flavored water it was promoting. While I’m for truth in advertising as much as the next guy, I’m not sure it’s in Bud Light’s best interest to portray its base of core customers as leering, sniggering jackasses whose only concerns in life revolve around affordably priced light beer and the width of their girlfriends’ hips — in other words, just the sort of fellows you’d want your stoned teenaged daughter to avoid if the world were anything like its portrayal in a Bush administration anti-drug ad. Even worse, the generally nasty, uncivil and sexist tone of the ads made me feel like a humorless old man, like I should start pulling up my pants to my sternum and yelling at the neighbor kids to get the hell off my lawn. I can’t forgive that any more than I can forgive Anheuser-Busch for selling terrible beer. As it stands, whenever I think of Bud Light in the next year, the only thing I’ll remember is that it’s the brew of choice should I ever find myself needing to drink beer through a clown’s ass.

(From the fine folks over at

What’s Goin’ On

Y’know, for a weekend that was supposed to be relatively quiet we’ve sure been busy.

Friday was a bit odd because schools were still closed due to the inch of snow that we received on Thursday. Well, that and it was about 10 degrees out and the roads were still icy in places. That had the benefit of making Takaza‘s commute easier (no buses to slow down traffic) and our friend Janelle’s day a lot easier (she’s a high school counselor for Wake County Public Schools). So Janelle and I met Thomas near NC State (where he works) for lunch, and there began to foment plans. Janelle and Donald had a slight problem – the coldest day of the year, and no power. We made tentative plans for them and their three cats to maybe crash at our place, but the power came back on at 3:30 PM, so all was good. Nevertheless, we all gathered at our place that night and I made some yummy chicken and dumplings. We had some fabulous champagne and a very tasty rioja to go with it, and after dinner the Food Coma claimed Thomas, Sherry, and Janelle. I t was a quiet, but pleasant night.

Once we got moving Saturday, we met the same folks over at MacGregor Ale House for lunch. Mmm, tasty. From there, we parted ways – I headed back home, and Dan went over to Donald and Janelle’s to prepare a character for our upcoming game, a combination of Mage and Werewolf. I like it because I get to resurrect an old friend – Reuben, from Triangle Ascension. This was a chronicle that we started five (!) years ago, and I bowed out of when I moved to Illinois. If you’re interested, I wrote almost all of the plot summaries in Book I, and of course all of Reuben’s diaries. I still regard “When Reuben Met Dog” and “Loved Ones Lost” to be some of the best fiction I’ve ever written. I have no plans to write anywhere near as obsessively for the new chronicle, but we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I relaxed at home, took a nice bath and a nap while Dan was working on his character, then joined everyone later for a lovely evening of pizza, wine, milkshakes (not necessarily in that order), and watching and critiquing a dog show on Animal Planet.

Today? Well, once we get going, we need to clean the place up a bit and run to the grocery store for our weekly shopping. Then we’re hosting a Super Bowl party, Tivo-style. This means we get to fast-forward through all the silly talking heads and boring crap and watch the important stuff: the commercials and the game (if it’s 49-3 in the third quarter, we’ll probably be fast-forwarding through the game, too). Being more of a college football fan than a pro ball fan, I barely even know who’s playing so obviously I don’t much care who wins. I do like to watch a good football game, though.

Oh, and by the way – welcome to LiveJournal, Tincrash!

Lookee what we got!

Here’s a little something for your web pages:

Midwest Furfest

Here’s the code:

<a href=””>
<img height=”60″width=”468″ alt=”Midwest Furfest” src=””border=”0″></a>

(Thanks to Puma and Rustitobuck!)

Oh the weather outside is frightful

Let it snow

Let it snow

Let it sn…ah, screw it.

Sure, it’s only an inch or two but when you have precious few snow plows and NO salt for the roads, well, things get nasty very quickly. Takaza made it into work today, but reports that the roads are treacherous and slick. With the temperatures not supposed to get above freezing, any snow that gets melted by traffic this morning is sure to refreeze into ice. Joy.

I reckon I’ll just stay home today.

Travelogue, the short version

Went to airport at around noon with tickets for 6:50 PM flight, hoping to slip onto 2:40 PM flight. We flew out at 6:50 PM. RDU is not an interesting place to hang out for six hours.

Canadair jets are not made for people who are 6’3″, 270 pounds. Particularly not in the window seat.

Dinner at Outback was nice – see Takaza‘s journal for who was there.

Today’s agenda: Hook up with steviemaxwell and Cheetah and go see The Lion King on IMAX. Also must hit Penzey’s in Oak Park. Then dinner with Linnaeus, Aureth and Jenwolf.

You may now go about your business.

Bouncy bouncy!

Been bouncing all over Cary and South Raleigh today. After meeting Thomas for lunch at a nifty little diner that’s an NC State institution, it was over to one of my favorite restaurant supply stores to pick up a few accessories (our rubber spatulas have seen better days), then got a quick haircut, picked up a few items from the grocery store, and then got some stamps and dropped some bills in the mail. Oh, and catching the last few chapters of Harry Potter on audio as I was driving. Whee!

We fly out for Chicago on Thursday afternoon, but I’ve got a lot to do before then – last-minute prep stuff for the Midwest Furfest meetings, doing laundry and packing for the trip, housecleaning for the open house our realtor is throwing in our absence. I need to go start prepping dinner before Takaza gets home – recipe to follow, of course!

Look kids, it’s Mark Hamill! {applause}

Not much to report on the last few days – cleaning in preparation for next weekend’s open house (as in toothbrush-on-the-baseboards cleaning), walking a couple miles each day, enjoying yesterday’s 70-degrees weather (before it goes down to the forties this weekend, yeah, I know wah wah wah…). In lieu of any news, I present you with some choice clickables that I’ve come across lately:

Takaza mentioned this already, but Cedar Point has announced their new roller coaster for this year. Think Kings Dominion‘s Hypersonic XLC, only a lot taller and faster. Where XLC is 195 feet and 80 MPH, Top Thrill Dragster will go 420 feet straight up and hit speeds of 120 MPH. Yes, that’s 110 feet taller than Millennium Force. Dig that corkscrew on the way down, too – way cool! (Yes, I have now gotten in touch with my inner roller coaster geek).

Courtesy of BoingBoing (and the referral credit goes to them), I see that Linksys now has an 802.11g wireless access point out for only $139. I really like that it’s backwards-compatible with 802.11b, but a little leery since the official 802.11g spec isn’t due to be released until later this year. This may be a case where the early spec becomes the de facto spec, but we’ll have to see how it plays out. 54 Mbps sure would be nice, though.

You always knew, didn’t you? Now there’s proof! Here’s some Lord of the Rings slash art which is actually quite well done. (Work-friendly inasmuch as a naked male haunch is acceptable…). There’s also stuff from other genres, including X-Files, Highlander, Smallville, and Miami Vice (!). Link courtesy of the Daze Reader.

Finally, what do you mean you don’t read Animated Movies every day? If you are a fan of animation, this is THE place to get the latest dirt and links to some great in-depth background articles. If you were reading, you’d know all about Disney’s next animated feature, the upcoming two-DVD set for Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and the latest on the animated adaptation of The Polar Express. Enjoy!

Ceci ne pas un sujet

So, the new year means everything is different, right? Right? Ah well, maybe not.

Not too much has happened in the last week, which explains why I haven’t posted much. The one item of note was Takaza‘s company’s holiday party. See, it was supposed to happen in early December, but got postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

On Saturday, Dan and I showed up at the Raleigh Elks Lodge at noon (-ish) and started to help set up – we were providing the sound and music (with equipment rented by Dan’s employer, of course). Pretty basic stuff – four large speakers, an 8-channel mixing board (way more than we needed), and a microphone. Music was provided by my laptop, and the 3,300+ MP3 on it. They had also rented plenty of other entertainment: a pretty good pinball machine, air hockey, ping pong, and pool, plus a karaoke machine. Thank heavens the karaoke went unused all night, since it was right next to the mixing board. I wound up handling most of the music since Dan was part of the organizing committee and had to help out with running the party. Even though I have a couple hundred Christmas tracks that I’d accumulated for the party, at this late date they were kind of out of place. Instead I set up a playlist of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and a couple of recent tracks for background music and just let it run for the first three hours of the party (I’d looked around for decent cheap [free] DJ software and in the end couldn’t beat the old reliable – it was nice to be able to set the playlist and pretty much walk away and not have to worry about it). At about 10 PM, the free beer they were providing started kicking in and I started getting requests for dance music, so I pulled out the Haddaway, C + C Music Factory, and the like (think “dance music for children of the 80’s”). This seemed to go over pretty well, though I took some flak for not having any country. Oh well – we’d asked for requests before the party, and no one volunteered anything, so they could just suck it up. I thought we did a passable job, though I was shocked when Dan in to work on Monday and not only got some compliments for the music we played, he had someone mention that they might need someone to do music for an upcoming wedding. Oh my.

On Sunday, we did…nothing. Again. I could learn to like this. Unfortunately, Dan was feeling crappy, bad enough that he took a half-day on Monday and stayed home on Tuesday. According to the doctor, it’s what could a (possible) precursor to strep throat – he’s on antibiotics now, feeling better and back at work today, so with luck the worst is past.

What to do today? I need to get some forms together to cash out my flexible spending plan from last year – I certainly have plenty of receipts for them from my gym memberships. Also, I need to put in some job applications to keep the Employment Security Commission happy. I also need to start doing some deep cleaning around here – I figure that once every couple of months you have to really scrub the place down to keep it looking spiffy for prospective buyers. I think if I concentrate on one room per day I can have it looking good for when we leave for Chicago next weekend, which coincidentally is a weekend that we’ll be having an open house.

Then there’s next week – we fly out Thursday afternoon for Chicago, probably hanging out with small groups of friends on Thursday and Friday. We’d kicked around doing a big gathering of folks, but since we’ll be doing NoCoasterCon on Saturday, the MFF Post-Mortem Dinner Saturday night, the MFF Board Meeting Sunday at Noon, and the MFF 2003 Kickoff meeting right after that, well, I thought we’d probably get all the large-scale social interaction that we wanted out of all that. Best to keep things simple while we can. Let’s see, a few more posts then I’ll actually go be useful…

Nappy Yew Hear!

We brought in 2003 with a quiet party, just a few friends over. We made some tasty deep-dish pizzas, had tiramisu and banana pudding, and drank a wee bit of wine (four…no, five dead soldiers in the recycling bin). I should have taken pictures, but it’s impolite to embarrass your friends.

Before we went to bed (very late) last night, Takaza and I discussed the past year. 2002 was a wild year, with lots of ups and a few downers. While I could have done without the downers, they provided me with opportunities for growth and a chance to re-examine what is really important to me. First off, any year spent with Dan is a good year. That’s a fact. In addition, this year taught me the importance of my friends – rustitobuck, linnaeus, datahawk, partran, mirkowuff, brophey, rasslor, aerofox, loriana, hartree, Jen, Tracie, the NC Gang, and everyone else who graced our house this year, or who were just a part of our lives. Y’all have kept me sane, made me feel loved, given me the support I needed when things were down, and made what could have been a crappy year a pretty darned good one. Thank you all very, very much.

And for the new year? I don’t make resolutions, but I’ll bend that rule here: I resolve to spend more time with our friends and to make our lives, and theirs, richer for the experience. Peace, everyone.