Monthly Archives: November 2002

Once upon a time….

There was a convention called Midwest Furfest. A silly man volunteered to run Registration, and in the course of events wound up doing a little bit of work for Publications and Security along the way, plus whatever else needed doing. Occasionally, he got some sleep, too, though not enough.

One day, he might write about it in more detail, but not now, except to say that he survived, the convention ran well, and he is now going to go sleep for a while.

The Call of the Road

Last day at home…

My job today is to pack up the last little bit of stuff (laptops, cooler, suitcase) and stuff it into our already extremely-full car, then go through the house and give it a thorough cleaning in the event that someone wants to see the house while we’re in Chicago. Hmm, I need to call the realtor too, since some kind soul left the door on top of the flyer container open during the downpours over the weekend and all of the flyers within got soaked. Oh, and I’ll probably stop at the grocery store on the way up to pick up Takaza to pick up some munchies for the road, too.

Let’s see, we’ve got about seven hours of driving to do tonight to get us through to Morehead, Kentucky. We’ve got a good audio book to help speed along the miles, so that will help (all 20 hours of it! Yeesh) Then another seven or so hours to get us up to the convention hotel, where we’ll get in around 2 PM, hopefully. Wednesday night will bring an alarming number of folks to our hotel room to help stuff bags with flyers, con books, pocket programs, and other goodies. Thursday brings more preparations, though really the only thing I need to do that day is pick up the chains and stanchions from the rental place and then set up Registration once Rusty gets on site Thursday afternoon. I’m sure stuff will pop up in the meantime, though, and I know Takaza has a bunch of stuff to do so I’ll probably wind up helping him.

Well, time to get motivated. Hope to see y’all at the convention!


Yes, it really is 7 AM on a Sunday and I’m awake. I’m a morning person, what can I say?

So, the latter half of the week was quite busy. Between having my car worked on (24,000 miles on it and both front hub bearings need to be replaced – that ain’t right!), picking up the con books and the pocket programs, last-minute errands to Office Depot and such, and, oh yes, a dinner party on Friday. I am insane, yes, why do you ask?

Actually, the dinner on Friday was fun, but exhausting. Wisely, I let Thomas handle the main entree – roasting a couple of chickens in his shiny new gadget. Call me a purist, but I think I’ll stick to old-fashioned oven-roasting methods. We also had some soup, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, crackers and cheese, spinach dip, and beef stew. In other worse, like most Gang events of this type, enough food to feed an army. For dessert, I make a yummy tasty White Chocolate Creme Brulee that was fabulously easy to make. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate and I loved this.

Click here for the recipe