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Well, heck – since I’m posting this every other place I can think of…

Midwest Furfest is pleased to announce the availability of online registration for its upcoming convention (which occurs November 22-24, 2002 near Chicago, Illinois, but you already knew that). You can now enter all of your information in and pay in a couple of easy steps. Yes, you can have that warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that your registration is secure and complete, with no messy checks to write, no nasty-tasting envelopes to lick, no painful paper cuts to endure!

All you have to do is stop by and follow the instructions there. We look forward to seeing you in November!

And now, the answers to a few questions that might arise:

Radio Radio

It’s not news that radio is in a sad state these days. With certain evil empires controlling the airwaves, the quality of content has gone down steadily. What brings this to mind? Just a couple of reminders of why I listen to CD’s or my MP3 player on the way to work every morning (or at least something less obnoxious if Takaza‘s in the car).
Exhibit One
Exhibit Two
And thank heavens for intelligent programs in the evenings…

On the topic of work avoidance

How to avoid writing the report I’m supposed to be working on? I know! I’ll write a LiveJournal entry!

Not too much to talk about, though. We’re going over to Donald and Janelle’s tonight. Well, just Janelle’s, really, since Donald is roughing in at a conference in Orlando, FL. Tough life, you know. We’re going to bring some of the Evil Caramel Sauce we picked up at Williams-Sonoma this weekend. Naughty, but oh-so-good!

Random stuff to do…we need to try Alton Brown’s tasty recipe for French fries (there’s a recipe there for fried dish as well, but we’ll pass on that. Or maybe I’ll try it with chicken). We need to figure out what we’re going to do up in Chicago while we’re up there next month, besides go to the Midwest Furfest staff meeting. I need to start making a list of all the stuff I need to order for Registration (sponsor goodies, staff name badges, etc.). And I need to send a list of names to the staff list for verification that these people are indeed staff and need staff badges. I need to check the online registration system when it becomes available and make mention of it in the Registration FAQ (and figure out what questions might arise because of it). Gee whiz, this gets complicated sometimes. On the bright side, this isn’t too bad for a ~500 person con. Once you get past 750 or 1,000, I’m sure the level of complexity increases accordingly (and unpleasantly, I’d guess). Still, it’s a fun challenge and worthwhile, I think.

Meanwhile, back at the ant farm…

So, back from the road and back into the dreary toil of everyday work. Woe betide me.

Last week was a welcome relief. After two weeks of business, pressure, and annoyances, being up in Indianapolis was a nice break, even if it was still doing company business. This week, I have an hour-long presentation to give tomorrow on the fascinating topic of material handling within the department (at least it’s scheduled for an hour – I’m not going to sweat if it clocks in at less than that). After that there’s some paper work I need to finish up, then more all-day batches of electronics adhesive. Only eleven more to go!

The weekend recap!

Amusing myself to death

So, I was looking through old e-mail and I came across this from September, 1997. geniealisa had sent me a list of pointers of how a woman can please her man. I sent it back, with my own notations added. I laughed myself silly over it as I was re-reading it, so I’ll share it with you here…

The following is from a 1950’s Home Economics textbook intended for High School girls, teaching how to prepare for married life.

So this is the Circle City…

Well, y’know, Indianapolis isn’t such a bad place. It’s very Midwestern (in a big-city kind of way), but not nearly as built-up as, say, Chicago.

The work that we came up here to do went off without a hitch. In fact it went so well, we really finished everything we had to do by Tuesday afternoon. Too bad we have to fly back Thursday and couldn’t change our tickets. Ah well, more time to relax away from the office…

Tuesday night, I had a lovely dinner with Tsuki. Tsuki is the fellow you may have seen at Midwest Furfest or Anthrocon in the white serval suit (mmmm, stretch velvet…) He took me to a tasty local steak place, and the filet and the conversation were both quite enjoyable. Afterwards, I got the nickel tour of Indianapolis, passing the Veterans Memorial (it’s freakin’ huge I tell ya!), the Scottish Rite Temple, and Millionaires’ Row along Meridian Avenue. Some neat stuff, and it actually showed that Indianapolis has quite a bit of character to it (unlike, say, Charlotte or Atlanta).

Today was pretty uneventful. I spent the morning working on the presentation I have next week. This went swimmingly, although I’ll need to stop by work this weekend to take pictures to go with the presentation. And probably grab some graphics off the net to augment things. The afternoon was spent noodling around, reading some of my old e-mails from about five years ago, and generally being bored. We slipped out at 4 PM and headed over to the Indiana State Fair.

It’s a state fair. Pretty much what I expected – as much going on as at the North Carolina State Fair, only spread out over a larger area. The home crafts displays were interesting, and the horses were beautiful (and HUGE! Six feet tall at the shoulder wasn’t uncommon). I spent a lot of time walking around thinking, “Wow, I’ll bet Dan would like this.” I miss my woof. Anyway, as we left, the big headline act for the evening was going on (Kenny Chesney, a country singer of some renown, I’m told). It was a pleasant way to spend the evening, much better than camped out in the hotel room, anyway.

Tomorrow we have a morning meeting to wrap things up, then it’s off to the airport to wing our ways homeward. I’m looking forward to it!

On the road again

8/12/02 – 10:42 AM, somewhere over Virginia

Taking a page from Mirko, it seems like the only time I can find to update my LiveJournal is when I’m in the air.

It’s been over a week since my last entry, and you can see hints of the cause of that gap in my last entry. Basically, last week was pretty hellish – trying to make a couple of drums of product for a customer, and then trying to ship it out. The latter turned out to be a bigger challenge than the former – you gotta love paperwork. It was one of those deals of “for want of a nail, the war was lost”: I had some problems entering some raw materials into our warehouse. Without the materials in the warehouse, I couldn’t tell out inventory tracking system that I had consumed those raw materials to make product. Since there wasn’t any product, I couldn’t tell the shipping system that we had something to ship. And thus I couldn’t ship anything. It took a concerted effort, several hours of banging my head against the wall, and multiple phone calls, but I finally got it resolved. When I left work on Friday all the t’s were dotted and the i’s were crossed – or something like that. Anyway, the rest of the week was unpleasant, and I was an extremely unpleasant person to be around, let alone read about. Looking at it that way, I did you a favor by not writing in my LJ. You’re welcome 🙂

On Saturday we had a big excursion planned. I woke up at 5:30 AM and Takaza got up at 6. We puttered a bit and then met up with Janelle, Beth, and Sherry. The five of us drove three hours down to Charlotte, NC, where we met up with some friends of mine from my SCA days, Chris and Tracie, as well as Brophey and Rasslor, who had driven up from Atlanta. The nine of us went to Carowinds, a nice theme park located just south of Charlotte on the NC/SC border. It was a great day – hanging out with friends, riding roller coasters, and hanging out at the water park there. The only down side of the day was after Dan rode the Hurler (extremely rough wooden roller coaster) he noticed that his wedding ring was missing. He was distraught, and I comforted him as best I could. We checked with Lost and Found before we left the park and left instructions on how to contact us if they found the ring.

After we left the park we headed over to BD’s Mongolian BBQ, which was just fantastic and really hit the spot after a long day in the sun. We enjoyed ourselves so much, we left later than we should. We finally got home around midnight following a long and tiring drive home. It was exhausting, but it was worth it.

Sunday found me up around 8 AM (’cause I’m silly that way). I had a relaxing morning of reading the paper, drinking coffee, phoning my parents, and chatting with Rustitobuck and Linnaeus about MFF stuff, as well as sending off my registration report in time for Sunday’s meeting. By the way, in case anyone hasn’t registered yet, be advised that online registration for Midwest Furfest is coming within weeks!

Dan finally woke up at about 1:30 PM (I’m so jealous of his ability to sleep late like that!) and we bummed around a little bit, snuggling a bit and chatting about the weekend and the week to come. We went to take a shower and as Dan was taking off his glasses to put them on the counter, he reached down and picked up something shiny. It was his wedding ring that he had forgotten to put back on his finger after he took a shower Saturday morning! We both burst out laughing in relief. As much as I’m glad we don’t have to replace the ring, I have to admit I was looking forward to being able to pledge my love to him all over again. I love you so much, Dan.

So Monday morning found Dan going off to work and me heading off to the airport. As I type this I’m on an itty-bitty plane (Embraer of some variety) flying from Raleigh to Cleveland. From there I head over to Indianapolis on a similar plane. Gee, I love flying Northwest (insert sarcastic tone here). There has *got* to be a better way to fly to Indianapolis. Ah well. I’ll be spending the next four days in Castleton, just northeast of Indianapolis, visiting our microelectronics division, Thermoset. Tomorrow night I’ll be having dinner with Tsuki, but I’m not sure what will be going on Wednesday night.

I’m really glad for the time away from the office – it couldn’t come at a better time. The only drawback is that the hour-long presentation I was supposed to give last week got postponed – to next Tuesday. So I need to find time during this trip to at least make an outline for that and at start making Powerpoint slides, I suppose. The good thing is that if I run shorter than an hour, I don’t think anyone will really care.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll more to write about later.

Snoozy Sunday

It’s been a weird day. I’ll explain why…

So first, why so quiet on matters of substance for the last week? This was a very hectic week for me. A project that had been on the back burner was suddenly moved to the very front burner. My boss is out all week (family medical stuff, not good) and so I was left trying to line up the resources I needed on my own and at the same time try and schedule all the work to be done so we could meet the customer’s ship date. All of this left me grump and antisocial after work, I’m afraid, and it was better that I not try and write about anything then. I don’t get in these moods often, but I know I’m not pleasant to be around when it happens.

Fortunately, everything fell into place on Friday and so the week ended on an up note. There was one bright spot to the week, too – Donald and Janelle had the Gang over for dinner on Wednesday. There was much socializing, a fair amount of geeking (not a big surprise, considering where a number of the members of the Gang work). Chicken was grilled, and some tasty wine was sampled. We finished off the evening with some truly amazing truffles from San Francisco’s Joseph Schmidt Confections – the Jamaican rum truffles were tasty, and the double latte one were to die for. At my suggestion, we paired the truffles with the divine Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal cognac. Oh my. It was a lovely end to the evening. We also picked up the beautiful quilt that Janelle and Beth made for us to commemorate our Commitment Ceremony. I love it – the light-colored squares have little paw prints in them and each one has a larger paw print embroidered on it. Mind you, our friends aren’t furry, but they understand what is important to us. And they’re just really damn cool people. Thanks guys!

So, on Saturday we were originally planning join some of the CarolinaFurs to volunteer at the Conservators Center, building cages and whatever work needed doing, then hanging out for a cookout. Unfortunately, we got a call on Friday saying we could pick up Takaza‘s CPAP machine on Saturday. Since he’s been waiting for that, we had to skip the CCI trip and pick up the CPAP instead. We ran a few errands as well, picking up a shirt for Takaza (taking advantage of the Sales Tax Holiday, whoop-te-do) and stopping by Borders. I’ve been wanting to pick up a book on proper nutrition and diet and I think I found a good one. At 600-some pages, though, it’ll take a while to absorb all that information.

Today started out strangely. I woke up, as I often do one weekends, at about 6:30 AM. Dan was awake next to me, which is extremely out of the ordinary. He hadn’t slept well during his first night of using the CPAP (as you can see from his LiveJournal) and couldn’t get back to sleep. We snuggled for a while, which was lovely, then got up. My usual Sunday routine is catch up with net stuff for an hour or so, make coffee, read the Sunday paper, call my parents, and then maybe Dan will be awake. Well, his being up already threw my whole routine into disarray and left me feeling oddly off-kilter (although I’m certainly not objecting to the company of my dear wolf!). I got in my usual routine, though, and I felt better. We relaxed a bit later in the morning, then headed down to Wally World to do our weekly grocery shopping. Since we’ve been back, we’ve both been kind of lazy, me catching up with folks on FurryMuck and Dan napping. It looks like it’s about time for dinner, though, so I’m going to go wake him up and see how he’s feeling.

As a side note, I’ve laughed myself silly over Dan’s new LiveJournal icon, which gives you an idea of what a CPAP mask looks like: