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Gratuitous Lilo and Stitch quote

Brophey had it right:

“It’s okay now, my dog found the chainsaw.”


A very fun little movie – not particularly deep, but the kind of summer fodder I enjoy. Of the $7.75 we paid, I’d say with was worth $6.75 so I don’t feel ripped off or anything.

It’s a link-o-licious kind of day!

First off, we have, that bane of our society: Kinder Eggs! Who knew such evil was among us?

This is worth reading if only for the headline: Today’s recipe: Grilled Martha

Apparently hen parties invading gay clubs is a rising problem over in the UK. Somehow I just don’t see that happening on this side of the pond…

Did you know that there’s a Dog News weblog? Isn’t that just cool?

Morons on Parade #291

Meaningless meme propagation

The weekend countdown

This week is taking forever…

Tomorrow after work, takaza and I are going to be heading down to Emerald Isle, North Carolina, located on the Bogue Banks. Our friends Donald and Janelle invited us as well as Thomas and Sherry (Sherry’s cool, of course, because she has Cliff, the Inexhaustable Husky) down for the weekend to a condo that they’ve rented for the last week. I’m not sure what we’re going to be doing down there, but I reckon we’re going to do some swimming (without any unfortunate incidents, I hope), vegetating, and generally enjoying the company of our friends. We’ll even be {gasp!} out of email contact!

All of that is, of course, assuming we can get through today. Bleah. Still have some material tests to run and some online training to go through (yay), then to the gym. Tonight’s looking like pork chops on the grill. Oh, and laundry, so we’ll have something to wear to work next week when we get back from the beach.

Oh, something that amused me from elynne‘s journal (although apparently the meme is spreading): Things on my interest list that aren’t shared by anyone else
Clearwater Hot TubsA little place that has hot tub suites, located outside of Chicago. Lovely, just lovely.
Halsted Street – The Main Street of Boystown, the gay ghetto of Chicago
Pat Cassidy – A man with a great radio voice, he woke me up every morning on the late, lamented WMAQ-AM. He’s now holding a similar position with former rival WBBM-AM.

Wow, out of 84 listed interests, only three singletons.

Well, back to work…

A good laugh courtesy of Mark Morford

Everybody Loves Nude Swedish Farmers!

A calendar featuring nude farmers armed with pitchforks, shovels and wheelbarrows is creating a stir in Swedish agriculture circles. A national farming organization, which presented a similar, hugely successful, calendar last year, is worried that the new version made by a local group of farmers could defeat the purpose of the original calendar. “They’re surfing on our wave of success,” said Ann Linden, one of the creators of the 2002 calendar. Linden said the first version, featuring waist-up, black-and-white photographs of nude, young farmers in farm settings, was designed to change the image of Swedish farmers as “grumpy old men with hats.” The new version, featuring glossy pictures of tight clusters of completely naked heavily drugged blissed-out grumpy old men with hats completely doused in Swedish meatball gravy and plying each other with large fresh garden cucumbers while body-painting the message “Swedish farmers do it with lutefisk” in body glitter on each others’ shaved chests, is just plain weird. “And what’s with this hot pink donkey right here?” Linden might’ve asked, pointing to the July photo. “What the hell are they doing to it with that salad spinner?”
(Story here, Read more stuff by Mark Morford)

Weekend? What weekend?

That’s funny, I thought I’d updated my LJ over the weekend. I guess I planned to do it, even constructed the entry in my head, just neglected to actually sit down and write it. How very odd…

So anyway, picking up the narrative from where we left off, we wound up heading over to Boston Market for dinner on Friday. The ambience leaves a lot to be desired, but their chicken is quite tasty, and it’s a fast-food place where the food is even slightly good for you. Though the steamed vegetables had been steamed into submission. I think I’ll skip those next time. After that, it was back to the house to relax and geek out on Furrymuck. I haven’t been on Furrymuck lately, and it was nice to chat with some of the good folks there.

Saturday was a bunch of errands, which takaza has already described so I won’t bore you except to say that the wine shop is quite nice, if a bit sparse in inventory right now, and the Italian store has a truly fabulous selection of goodies (which you can order over the net, too!). Dinner was indeed decadent, as I made a tasty carbonara sauce.

Carbonara sauce recipe here

(Hooper X: “‘What’s a Nubian?’ Bitch, you almost made me laugh.”)

Glorious Friday!

Not much on the agenda for the weekend, and this is a Good Thing. Got the daily gym trip after work, then dinner, which will likely be supplied by one of our fine local eateries since we don’t really have jack in the house to cook – heck, it’s been almost two weeks since we went to the store. On the one hand, that’s good because it keeps the bills down. On the other, the choices start to get a bit lean by the end of the second week. So a trip to the grocery store is on the agenda for Sunday.

Also this weekend, I need to take back the shirt I picked up at Kohl’s last week. I don’t know what they define a XXL as, but it fit more like a large on me. Sheesh. It’s a bummer, too, because I like the pattern. Guess I’ll have to keep shopping. I’ve found I like some of the tropical-type print shirts that I’ve seen. And y’all can just keep your Big Gay Al comments to yourselves, thankyouverymuch.

Other stuff for the weekend: teach myself PHP. No problem, right? Actually, it’s a side-project I’m kicking around as an experiment with web forms. We’ll see if I can figure it out or not. Probably poke at some Midwest Furfest stuff too, and see where we stand on a couple of items (like sponsor goodies). Tomorrow (June 15) is a big deadline for some things, and I’m interested to see if that deadline has been met.

Well, off to the gym. Y’all have a great weekend!

Why isn’t it Friday yet?

Dreary week, and having problems finding my motivation. I thought I left it in the top left drawer of my desk, but no luck.

What kind of week am I having? On Tuesday I had to make a batch of conductive adhesive (adhesive with metal powder dispersed into it). The mixer I was using shook a screw loose. The screw dropped into the pot while it was mixing and it got knocked around in there for a couple of hours. By the way the pot is Teflon-coated. Er, was Teflon-coated. Oh and by the way, all that Teflon had to go somewhere – into the adhesive. Teflon is not a good conductor. Into the trash goes that batch – a full day’s work wasted. With any luck it’ll be up and running tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath.

Yesterday I was trying to assemble the machinery I need to start testing some UV-curable coatings. Pretty simple – air-powered mixer, mixing shaft, dispersion impeller. Easy, right? First it appears that all the mixers are in use. I find one squirreled away in one of the labs and grab it. Then all of the chucks are either in use or don’t fit the available mixers. I go to Home Depot – none of the chucks they stock will work. I come back and take the one chuck I can find to the model shop and have them drill it out so it will fit on the mixer shaft. Now I need to go hunting for a suitable mixing shaft and dispersion blade. Part of the problem is that the six or eight technicians we have all guard their equipment jealously, and stuff gets hidden away so no one can find it…and then they forget where they put it. Or they won’t tell anyone where the stuff is. It’s like working with a bunch of third-graders, I swear.

OK, rant over. The good news is that I found out that a bunch of my old SCA friends are keeping online diaries, just not on LiveJournal. They’re all over at DiaryLand, where they’ve created a nice little network of folks. Keeping up with friends seems a bit more difficult using DiaryLand’s system – you have to load each page individually, rather than have everything dumped into a Friends page like on LiveJournal. But now I can see what’s going on with Jen, Jason, Wendy, Mel, and Genie. Fortunately, Genie has seen the light and also has a LiveJournal (geniealisa, to be specific)- hi Genie! Why am I so happy to have found these folks’ diaries? Because they post wonderfully cracked entries like this.

He’s got marshmallows in his ears, I tell you!

Well, that was fun.

The past few days’ silence was due mostly to our trip to Columbia, Maryland for Jen and Alan’s wedding. Jen is a dear friend from my days back at Virginia Tech and in the SCA, and someone I don’t get to see nearly often enough anymore. It was a fun occasion and I got to see many old friends I hadn’t seen in years. It’s always fun chatting with Tracie (and her boyfriend Chris is both cute and a fun guy to talk to – a big improvement over past…uh, never mind). With any luck, we’ll be meeting them in Charlotte sometime in August for a weekend at Carowinds. Yay!

After the wedding (which was around noon) we grabbed a small bite at Boston Market (surprisingly tasty, actually), then went back to the hotel and napped a bit. And stuff 😉 After a few hours, brophey and rasslor came by and we went to a local Mongolian BBQ for dinner, then hung out at Best Buy. Next we went to a small laser tag place that had Dance Dance Revolution and I determined once again that I may be gay but I have neither the rhythm nor the coordination that’s supposed to come with my orientation. Hey! I got gypped! 🙂 After that we crashed back at the hotel and watched part of the Canes/Red Wings game (then 2nd of three overtimes) before Brophey and Rasslor headed home and we went to bed.

Sunday we got a surprisingly early start and were even able to get a good breakfast at a little coffee shop around the corner from the hotel (which beat the heck out of the $10 buffet the hotel was serving – ugh, cold bacon and rubbery scrambled eggs, no thanks). Brophey and Rasslor met us there and we drove the two hours down to Kings Dominion. We rode roller coasters, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and then headed home. Lots of driving for a short weekend, but we had fun so it was worth it.

Today was pretty nondescript – getting back into the swing of things and wondering why I was so darned tired. Ah well, I reckon I’ll get some good sleep in tonight and tomorrow won’t be so bad. I hope.

The warm squishy feeling of accomplishment

Well, I’ve finally gotten off my butt and started the process of revamping my website. This is a much cleaner design than I had before, and is also my first venture into cascading style sheets (CSS).

I still need to re-do my furry page (woefully out of date!) and my Mage page, but the home page, biography page, and coming out page have all been done. I’m open to any comments on style, colors, design, or whatever y’all might have!

Fun geek stuff

Y’know, RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a truly nifty thing – it takes your site’s content and publishes into XML. What does this mean? It means that if you have the right client, you can gather the content of several different sites into one place – pretty cool, if you read a lot of weblogs or that sort of thing. I mention this because LiveJournal recently turned its RSS feeds back on, so you can combine people’s journals into the mix. A very cool concept.

The fly in the ointment? I haven’t found a Windows client that I like yet. The user interfaces leave a lot to be desired. I’ve tried Amphetadesk, FeedReader, Headline Viewer, and HotSheet – either they’re too slow, too clunky, or don’t display the results properly (granted, that last one could also be the fault of the sites supplying the XML). I have yet to work my way through the web apps – maybe the answer I’m looking for is there. I really like the concept, and I’m hoping I can find an implementation that suits my needs.

And speaking of fun geek stuff, here’s a link especially for rustitobuck that probably represents a good synthesis of both of our views:
TiVo: Why I hate the company–but love the product.

Oh yeah…

Some cool/amusing things:
1. Last week LiveJournal founder and Supreme Leader bradfitz asked for any questions LJ users might have about the service. Today he answered them. Quite amusing and informative.

2. Interested in setting up a wireless network, but didn’t want to spend too much money? Boing Boing has pointers to $35 PCMCIA WiFi cards and $53 WiFi access points (after mail-in rebate).

3. Morford strikes again!

Onward, Armies Of Happy Sequined Darkness
With music blaring from more than 20 sound trucks, hundreds of thousands of people danced and marched through Sao Paulo Sunday in what was billed Latin America’s biggest gay pride parade. Police estimated the number of people at 400,000, twice as many that took part in last year’s parade. Waving rainbow flags and dancing to the sound of disco and techno beats, the multitude of gay men, lesbians, transvestites and drag queens marched some three miles for show at the Praca da Republica, a downtown square that is home to many gay bars and clubs. “Holy sh-t on a rope with a dangling Jesus, they have gay people in Brazil?” puled Pauly Pomentori of the Buena Vista trailer park and Homemade Leather Belt Depot in Woonsocket, South Dakota, fluffing the fur on his taxidermied mongoose named Red while simultaneously kicking the cat off from dry-humping his shin. “I feel all closed in and surrounded by the debauchery and immorality, by all the sin and transgression against the Almighty, so many happy flamboyant colorful fun-looking crazy gender-whacked sexed-up people out there, and I can’t even steal the Spice channel. World’s going to hell, I tell you.”