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likeloveadore: I was walking my dog today and this little boy stopped to pat her and was asking…


I was walking my dog today and this little boy stopped to pat her and was asking questions about her. He wanted to know where I got her and I said she was adopted from a shelter.

Boy: Have you told her yet?
Me: What?
Boy: Have you told her that she’s adopted?
Me: Yes, she knows.
Boy: That’s good, you should never keep a secret from a dog.

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Book Review: Werewolf at the Zoo, by Charlie Richards

Werewolf at the Zoo, by Charlie Richards

Helping his brother escape the zoo, Rainy discovers more than just an array of animals.

scouts the zoo, planning a mission to rescue his brother, who’d been
sold by poachers while in wolf form. He gets a whiff of the most
intoxicating scent, the man Travis Carlyle, his mate. But he quickly
finds out that before he can claim the handsome veterinarian, Rainy has
to convince Travis that he’s worth coming out of the closet for.

leads a quiet, discreet life, avoiding any situation that could
possibly out him to his family. After so many years alone, Travis finds
the love, affection, and acceptance Rainy offers him too hard to resist.
But just when he decides Rainy might be worth the persecution of
revealing his sexuality, he discovers Rainy has been keeping secrets, a
lot of secrets: Werewolves, Shifters, Mates? When he watches a shift
with his own eyes, Travis is forced to accept the truth.

Too bad
not everyone wants Travis to know the wolves’ secrets, tossing him into a
feud between shifters. When Travis’s father tries to come between them,
can Rainy convince Travis to choose a dangerous, love-filled life with
him instead of the comfortable, quiet existence he’s led with his

Rating: 2 out of 5

This wasn’t a story as much as it was a checklist of werewolf m/m romance tropes. We’ve got your insta-love, fated mates, “I know you by smell”, silly alpha pack dynamics, biting during sex, and so on and so on. Add in some paper-thin homophobia, ridiculously quick acceptance of the impossible, subplots that go nowhere, and stunningly unlikely coincidences. The whole thing was topped off at the end with a lovely scene of, “It’s a shame that I just had to rip that guy’s throat out with my teeth. Hey, the steaks I was cooking look like they’re done. Who’s hungry?” Oh, and don’t get me started on the overdone Irish dialect. Ugh.

Let’s do the math:
+1 star because it wasn’t so awful that I couldn’t make it to the end
+1 star since it had werewolves. Because werewolves.
+0.5 stars for having sentences with subjects, verbs, and direct objects, and a minimum of typos.
-0.5 star for either ignoring the need for lube or using soap as lube. Ow. Just ow.

2 stars it is! Oh, and add one eyeroll for pretty much setting up the next book and telegraphing the plot for it in a single paragraph. I will not be pursuing the rest of this series.

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Rainbow Awards: Best Book Cover

Rainbow Awards: Best Book Cover:


If you are as much in love with the Wolf, WY cover as I am, would you mind showing it some love? Click through the link, put in your email address, scroll, scroll, scroll to select your favourites, then scroll to the bottom and hit submit. ?

Thank you so much!! ???

I voted and you should too! Good book cover design is really hard, as shown by all of the really terrible covers out there 🙂

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As much as I adore books in the m/m romance genre, I admit that I tend to give short stories and…

As much as I adore books in the m/m romance genre, I admit that I tend to give short stories and novellas a wide berth. Unless it’s in a well-established setting with previously-known characters, there just doesn’t seem enough time to lay down the background, create the characters, introduce conflict, and resolve the conflict in a satisfying manner in such a short span. Maybe I’m just not reading the right short stories/novellas, I dunno – I haven’t found one yet I really enjoyed.

(This musing is brought to you by a post by Charlie Cochet about The Soldati Prince. The book looks interesting, but given the characters and the world-building involved, being less than 100 pages is a major turn-off for me.)

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