Monthly Archives: February 2005

A Random Memory

This was triggered by Rama’s post, and made me remember some interesting times.

This would have been in the spring of 1990.

I was broadcasting my weekly jazz show on WSBF-FM at Clemson University one dark and stormy weeknight, right around sunset (I was the jazz director* at that time). The station offices, usually bustling during the day, had emptied out with everyone gone for dinner or studying. The EBS tone in the studio suddenly went off, scaring the crap out of me. Tornado warning for our area. How’s this for low-tech: when the tone went off, it was tuned to one of the larger radio stations in the area (WFBC-FM, Greenville, SC). I had to quickly write down what their announcer said (they were reading from the NWS copy). Then I had to fire the EBS tone to go over the air to our listeners (two switches, one up, one down) and break into our programming and read the warning back over the air.

I put on a couple of long tracks and went out into the empty station offices and looked out over Death Valley (Clemson’s football stadium), across Lake Hartwell, and saw a funnel cloud forming. It was miles away, no immediate danger, and it never touched down. It was an eerie moment, though: the darkened studios, quiet jazz playing in the background, the green skies swirling outside.

Interesting times.

* – As the station’s jazz director, I say in hindsight I had godawful taste. For some reason I always veered towards the GRP label (your basic “smooth jazz”). Ick. Anyone got a time machine so I can go back and slap myself?

Meme Morph!

So here’s a twist on the current meme…

Five Things I’ve Done That I Probably Shouldn’t Have

1. Took a curve at 60 mph, with gravel in the road (spinny spinny!)
2. Chose to start college at Tulane University when I could have gotten a free ride at Clemson University…then transferred to Clemson two years later, but losing the financial aid.
3. Broke each arm. Twice.
4. Romanced someone from Australia online for months, then planning to spend a week with them…and realized ten minutes after they stepped off the plane that it wasn’t going to work.
5. Spent four years getting a master’s degree.

Further updates later. Bagel goodness now.

Midweek Amusements

Not a bad day here at work. Puttering my way through an ongoing project that’s tedious and unpleasant, but do-able. To celebrate the birthdays of a couple of my cow-orkers, the whole department went out for lunch at Tacos El Muerte Norte in Waukegan. Pretty tasty, and it satisfies the craving I’ve been having for Mexican food. One of my cow-orkers announced her resignation, which might open up some interesting possibilities for me employment-wise in the department. We’ll see what develops there.

It looks like the plans that we had for the coming weekend are somewhat up in the air, but considering that we have so much to do to get the place back to a livable state, I’m sure we’ll still be plenty busy! Anyway, even if we’re not sociable this weekend, there’s still Congenial next weekend, and I’m really looking forward to that!

Incidentally, consider yourself reminded that LAFF Coffee in Chicago is still going on tonight, with rumored appearances by aureth and chouette tonight, as well as takaza, if he’s finally over the cold/flu/plague that has knocked him down for the last week or so.

Finally, here’s a fun little meme that I enjoyed filling out:
Ten Things I’ve Done That You (Probably) Haven’t

1. Hosted a radio program in France
2. Taken hang gliding lessons at Lookout Mountain, TN
3. Shot bottle rockets at friends at close range, while they shot back (I said it was unique, not smart!)
4. Visited a Kodo drum festival in Sakura, Japan
5. Been given a glass of grappa after a meal in Italy just for being American
6. Had a toy-gun shootout in an empty college auditorium at 2 AM
7. Gotten a standing ovation from 150 people for a meal that I (and my staff) cooked
8. Danced a reel with Fiona Ritchie (host of NPR’s The Thistle and Shamrock)
9. Called home from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, just because I could (OK, Gene might have done this…)
10. Chatted with the American ambassador to Switzerland