Set the wayback machine to…Friday? Hardly seems worth the trip, does it? Ah well…

So, after gassing myself in an attempt at cleanliness, takaza and I succeeded in getting the house clean to our satisfaction (well, mostly – the office is still a disaster, but we aren’t using that anyway). Friday was a blur of last-minute cleaning and shopping, then just waiting for folks to come rolling in.

I headed out to the airport around 10:30 PM to pick up linnaeus, and by the time we got back zenwolph had shown up as well. Shortly thereafter rasslor and brophey pulled in, and not long after midnight xydexx and rigelkitty arrived. The gang was all here! We chatted for a short while, and I headed off to bed early (as was the recurring theme all weekend. I’m just not a late-night person, I’m afraid).

Saturday was a slow start, predictably. I made a couple of batches of cinnamon rolls (yum!) as folks were slowly finding consciousness. We finally got everyone awake and rolling by 1:30 or so and headed over to Dallas’ for lunch. Unfortunately, Dallas’ closes at 2 so we kind of got whatever they had left, but the staff there was friendly and didn’t mind that we dropped a whole group of folks on them as they were about ready to close. They even gave us a nice plateful of biscuits fresh from the oven for free!

After lunch we split the party (gamer geeking: Aieee! Don’t split the party!) – Rasslor, Zen, Linnaeus and I headed off to run some errands while everyone else went home to hang out and play some games. We stopped by the State Farmer’s Market and picked up some tasty veggies for dinner (and a nice big bucket of fresh local strawberries!), then went by American Brewmaster for some homebrewing supplies. We got back and started into several very entertaining rounds of Catchphrase, and were joined by tervicz as well. Afterwards we went to work on dinner – a tasty combination of hamburgers, hot dogs, and bangers made with Guinness (yum). To accompany this, we had steamed fresh green beans and these wonderful tiny red potatoes that we boiled and served with just butter and salt – they tasty and lightly sweet. For dessert, Takaza baked a delicious apple pie. We watched a little Tivo (Super Millionaire, and Celebrity Poker Showdown, I think), and once again I headed off to bed early.

Sunday was another slow start (well, I was in bed not long after midnight, other not until 2 or 3 AM – that might explain it) and we took everyone over to Gino’s in Morrisville for lunch. Good stick-to-your ribs Italian food. We came back and while a couple of us lapsed into a food coma, others got all ambitious and started up a game of Grave Robbers from Outer Space. Rigel and Xydexx had to head out to a wedding, and the rest of us bummed around, watched some TV (including an interesting Dateline NBC piece on the crash of a plane in Sioux City, IA many years ago), then finally motivated to grab dinner at the local A&W/KFC. Lame, I know, but we just weren’t hungry until late, and that kind of limits your options.

Monday morning we actually got motivated and Linnaeus and I made pancakes for everyone. me_not_you and wildmouse came over and we brewed up a batch of Imperial Stout for Donald (recipe and procedure forthcoming) while everyone else got in another game of Grave Robbers, as well as a round of Ivanhoe. By the time we wrapped up the batch, I realized it was too late to start in on the Mackesons’ clone I wanted to make (that will wait for another day), and it was time for Brophey and Rasslor and Rigel and Xydexx to leave. Janelle rejoined us and we went with her, Donald, Zen, and Linnaeus to Bass Lake Draft House for tasty sammiches and such. Zen headed for home right after that, and Linnaeus hung out at our place that night, flying out Tuesday morning.

Wow. That was a lot of fun. It’s always a pleasure to be able to host friends, and I really wish we could do stuff like this more often. Once we get everything back in order, look for parties like this a couple of times a year. It was great to spend some time with Vish, too – he’s really nice guy who live oh-so-far away from here (what, maybe 30 minutes?). Thanks to everyone for coming – I hope you had as good a time as we did!

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