Monthly Archives: February 2004

Then there’s the bad news…

Well, I put it off for a week in hopes that it would magically re-appear like last time, but after a phone call to the NC Employment Services Commission, it’s official: I will receive no extension. My unemployment benefits have been exhausted.

This isn’t that much of a surprise – we were expecting this at one point or another. It’s one less thing keeping us tied to North Carolina, though. Of course, I will continue to apply for jobs across the upper Midwest and Great Lakes areas, but in the meantime, Takaza is going to look into transferring to his company’s Buffalo Grove, IL headquarters. If that comes through before I can get anything going job-wise then we’ll be making the move up there, on our own nickel. I’ll continue to look for work in the Chicago area, investigating possibilities including short-term contracts or areas outside of chemical engineering.

It’s all rather disappointing, but you gotta keep moving because there’s only one way to get off this merry-go-round of life and I’m sure as heck not ready to shuffle off this mortal coil. I have Dan, and we have each other. With that, we can face anything that comes our way, I’m confident of that. I’m grateful that I’m blessed with such a loving and understanding husband who’s been willing to support me through all this mess. I only hope that I’ll be able to reward his patience in a suitable manner (like getting a nice job where we can afford for him to take some time off as well). We shall see…

Weekend Review

Had a pretty laid-back weekend, though lots of social goings-on.

On Saturday, Takaza and I joined Thomas, wildmouseJanelle, and me_not_youDonald for lunch at Bass Lake Draft House in our old stomping grounds of Holly Springs, then went over for the brewery tour at Carolina Brewing Company, which Thomas and Donald had never been to. Now, I know several of our friends have done this tour with us, so you’ll appreciate this – when we turned down the street, all we saw was a line of cars a good quarter-mile on either side of the brewery. I would estimate there were at least three hundred people there – this on a tour that in the past has had maybe 30-40 people. It would appear that the combined fact of the Super Bowl the following day, plus they had a stout available for pretty much that only, plus people have figured out that there’s this tour where you go in and get free beer, as much as you want, well…ka-blooie! We stuck around for part of the tour then bugged out when it became apparent that there was no way to hear what the guide was saying. Donald and Thomas bought a case of porter and a case of stout, and our mission was accomplished.

After that, it was off to Durham for a trip by Fowler’s Gourmet Market, where they were doing a syrah wine tasting. There were some real clunkers in there (the carbonated shiraz was just wrong!), but Thomas and I both picked up a bottle of an excellent Aussie shiraz that was a good deal at $8.99/bottle. We browsed over the other offerings that the store had, and Janelle marveled at the $4.99/lb cream cheese (“Is it that much better? Is it any different? Is it worth it?”) though in the end we left without answering those burning questions. The overall impression we got from the store was that it was extremely yuppified and expensive (“It’s like Whole Foods Market without the facial piercings”). This also allowed us to hear Janelle’s stunning rendition of Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” on the drive home. We retired to Donald and Janelle’s, where Takaza and Sherry joined us. Munchkin and XBox games were played, pizza was ordered, and we all lounged on the Couch of Doom before heading home…

Sunday, Dan and I cleaned up the place and I did some grocery shopping, then the usual suspects joined us for a fun Super Bowl party. Being that we are in North Carolina, Thomas was a big Panthers fan, though honestly I couldn’t care less (I’ll still take some of Tom Brady’s paycheck, though!). We made up some burritos, Thomas brought some hot wings, and five or six different kinds of beers were sampled. Despite the late night, we had a great time. Next time, though – about half as much ground beef for the burritos and about a third of the cheese that we grated. Ouch.