And the monk cursed him, “May you live in interesting times.”

It’s been an interesting week for me, emotionally. As I mentioned, my unemployment has run out (though there’s a slim chance it could be re-started. I won’t hold my breath, though). This put me into a flurry of applications and recruiter contacts, and I now have two possibilities out there.

The first one is back in Morris, IL, site of my last job in Illinois. It’s at a facility that used to be owned by my former employer but has since been sold. It’s not a bad opportunity, though I’m not thrilled that the possibility exists that it could be temp-to-perm. That would mean no relocation assistance and no benefits, probably. Even if they liked me and wanted to hire me, we couldn’t do it if takaza didn’t get a transfer to his company’s HQ in Buffalo Grove. Currently there’s no positions available that suit his background (the one that did closed out before he could apply), so there’s a whole lot of if’s in that scenario. It’s pretty early to say on this one since I haven’t talked to anyone but the recruiter, so we’ll see if the company is interested.

Then there’s a possibility which just opened up right here in Raleigh. This one fell right in my lap, but there’s a lot of amusing connections. First off, I interviewed at Closure six years ago. I didn’t get the job then, but that was because they had another applicant who had twelve years of experience in cyanoacrylates and was local. Tough to fight that. The other nice thing about this is that I have a friend who works at the company who has said she’ll be happy to speak well of me – ladyinthetower. In a small-ish company like that, connections can help a lot. Closure is growing well and their stock performance has been particularly impressive – always good when the company offers stock options to all its employees. Plus, the money is damn good. So, while remaining in Raleigh is what we would call a sub-optimal solution, there are enough other benefits (like, oh, I don’t know, HAVING A JOB!) that make it worth it. I spoke with the VP of HR there yesterday, and he said someone would call me in the next day or so to set a date and time for me to come in and interview.

Other than the job hunt, I’ve been keeping busy with work on the Midwest FurFest website. Hey, have you seen the new site design? It’s pretty spiffy. Also, did you know that you can now pre-order the 2003 DVD (with the entire FVS plus highlights from around the convention) online? You may now be impressed.

And on today’s agenda for excitement? Drop off my suit at the cleaners, and stop by Sam’s Club for the usual supplies (paper towels, TP, and dish detergent). I’d also like to get in some hiking, since the next few days are supposed to be rainy – maybe a stop by the American Tobacco Trail, since it’s all of two miles from here. Well, off to be useful!

3 thoughts on “And the monk cursed him, “May you live in interesting times.”

  1. hartree

    DVD ordering!
    Woohoo! Had to order one just to test it out. 😉
    Hope the job offers work out. I’d hope for the one here in Illinois for my own greedy wish that you two would be closer. But, Closure sounds like a neat place. Luck!

  2. giza

    The graphics and color scheme look great!
    The stationary background needs to go, however. First, it makes Opera lag like you would not believe, even when I go to scroll down the page. Second, complex backgrounds distract the user from what they should be looking at: the contents of the page. (For reference, look at heavily trafficed sites like Yahoo and Google, no backgrounds whatsoever)
    If you still had issues with programming stuff on the back end, feel free to ping me on FurryMUCK sometime. 🙂

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