Monthly Archives: February 2004

Another quiet Sunday morning – low-stress, which is nice. Because of soreness from my fractured rib, I’m finding moving around in the mornings to be exceptionally difficult – nothing like starting off the day with a handful of ibuprofen. I hope my liver can take it! Between that and Vicodin in the evenings, I’m staying mostly mobile, but the soreness never really goes away and gets annoying. takaza has noticed that it makes me irritable during the day – I’m sorry about that sweetie! As time passes and it lessens, I hope it will have less impact on my life.

So, what’s going on? Despite of the ferocious snow storm of Thursday night/Friday morning (hah! The streets were dry by 3 PM Friday), brophey and rasslor drove up from Atlanta Friday afternoon to join us for the weekend. Friday night was a tasty dinner with them and the usual suspects at Lubrano’s, followed by tasty gelato at Silvia d’Italia’s. We always have to visit there when Rasslor’s in town, because Sylvia really likes him. We went to bed early that night.

Saturday was a slow start – no big surprise. Once we got everyone motivated, we met Thomas, Sherry, and Rich for lunch at Bass Lake Draft House, then proceeded over to Carolina Wine Company. Thomas and Sherry and Rich took their leave of us then, and we drove over to A Southern Season in Chapel Hill to look at all the lovely tasty goodies there. Much chocolate was purchased, as well as a few other goodies. We headed home then, hung out and watched a couple of episodes of Super Millionaire, as well as last week’s Queer Eye, then ordered pizza. Rasslor and I enjoyed a very tasty bottle of wine, as well 🙂 Between the TV and just generally enjoying the company, somehow it got late and we wound up asleep by 11:30.

So, plans for today include a possible lunch at Crazy Fire, and the requisite return trip to Silvia’s, then Rasslor and Brophey will head back home. We’ll probably have a quiet night ourselves – I can see a hot bath and a nice book in my future.

For the week ahead: Need to get our finances in order and finish paying the first-of-the-month bills, apply to more jobs, and get ready for a drive up to Philadelphia next weekend. Whee!

Husky fall down, go boom.

So today started out pretty well. I had heard good things about Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area and wanted to check it out and enjoy some of the mild weather we’ve been having. The park doesn’t really have much in the way of trails – about two miles or so – but it’s an extremely pleasant walk featuring Occoneechee Mountain, the highest point in Orange County at all of 867 feet.

So the first quarter-mile of the trail was fine. Then I came to a spot where the trail went up a small embankment. I put my foot at the top of the embankment…and slipped. WHAM! I landed right on the bottom of my rib cage on my left side. Ouch. Damn, that hurt. I was able to get up, dust myself off, and slowly pick up the pace again, though my left side was now quite tender. I wound up hiking the entire loop trail as well as the spur up to summit without too much problems, besides the lingering soreness.

When I got home I was able to sit comfortably in the living room, though I noticed that coughing while in a sitting position was rather painful. When takaza got home, he asked me to lay down on the sofa so he could check to see if of my ribs didn’t feel right. As I was laying down I got a stabbing pain in my side, at which point Dan decided I was going to see a doctor now.

So, an hour and a half at Rex Urgent Care in Cary gave us the good news: I have fractured my tenth rib on the left side, though I did no damage to the chest wall, fortunately. Well, doesn’t that just suck.

On the bright side, it doesn’t really hurt to breathe, or take deep breaths, or even yawn. Coughing is a bit painful, though, and lying down is rather exciting. I think I’ll be able to get comfortable lying on my right side, but lying on my back is out of the question. As long as I don’t have to sleep sitting up, that’s fine by me. Unfortunately, treatment for a rib fracture is pretty much to just leave it be and let it heal on its own, which is going to take a few months. In the meantime, I’ve got a nice little bottle of Vicodin with my name on it and I’m not afraid to use it.

Every little bit

I posted yesterday about the idea of sending flowers to a random gay or lesbian couple waiting in line to get married in San Francisco. The only drawback to that is that after delivery fees, taxes, and everything else is taken into account, you’re looking at in investment of $50 or more. Not everyone has that kind of disposable income, though, so here’s a really nice idea: Darren Barefoot is organizing Flowers for Al and Don (get it?), which pools funds donated via PayPal, five or ten bucks at a time. As of 10:55 AM PST, he has raised almost $2,500 – very cool!

So, I had an interview today.

I wish I could say that I know for sure I’ve got the job (or even that I don’t have the job – it’s nice to know either way). About all I can say for sure is that I went in and put my best foot forward. I had answers for everything that I as asked, I admitted the few areas where I might come up short, and overall seemed to come across well. They are interviewing five people for the position and I was number two. The person whose job I will be taking wasn’t in because he was working there over the weekend and was there until 4 AM this morning (oh, that’s auspicious!). If I make the initial cut, they’ll probably bring me back to talk with him one-on-one before they make any decisions. They should know who they’re going to go with in 2-4 weeks. The down side is that they won’t actually be hiring until April or May, but if we know that there is definitely a job waiting for me, we can figure out a way to work things out. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I know something.

Between worrying about the interview and the weather (original forecast: 4-6 inches of snow. Real snowfall: <2 inches), I didn't sleep very well last night. So after getting home and puttering around a bit, I took a nap and wound up sleeping for a good two and a half hours before takaza woke me up. While the sleep was needed, my timesense is totally scrambled and I have no idea if it’s bedtime or dinner time or what. I just hope I start to feel tired when bedtime rolls around.

Oh, one final note: I was poking through some old pictures and I came across some pictures that we never posted to our picture gallery from our visit to the North Carolina State Fair in 2002 in the company of mirkowuff. So Mirko, here’s one of the pictures we have of you, nicely done up as a LiveJournal icon 🙂