Monthly Archives: June 2003

Ow. Ow ow ow ow.

I ache.

Yesterday we had a blast. We left at around 8 AM with wildmouse, me_not_you, Thomas and Sherry for a van trip to the beach! We drove the 2.5 hours down to Fort Fisher State Recreation Area where we spent about four hours frolicking in the surf. Unfortunately, we were there right around low tide and at best it was only three-foot seas, but there was enough waves to make things fun. Donald, Janelle, Sherry and I did some fun surfing (I’m getting better at mastering the boogie board!) even though for the most part the water was only about 2-3 feet deep at that part of the beach. Thanks to Bullfrog I didn’t get too toasted, though of all places I missed getting sunscreen on the backs of my upper arms, so those are a little sore this morning. Also, as ever when you play in the surf, I got pretty beat up by the water – my neck and back are pretty sore, but it was worth it! Because of his ingrown toenail problem, takaza wasn’t able to join us in the surf, but he had a good time relaxing in the shade, chatting with Thomas, and listening to more of Harry Potter on his MP3 player. Afterwards, we had a quick tour of the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher (the jellyfish were attacking Janelle!), then dinner at The Oceanic in Wrightsville Beach. We’ve been invited to join Donald and Janelle down at Holden Beach in a few weeks and I’m really looking forward to the trip!

As for today, I’m still waiting to hear back from the company in Carol Stream. I have no certain date when I’m supposed to hear from them, but I was hoping it would be as early as last Friday or today. Given that it’s a short week, I’m really hoping all the decision-makers haven’t cleared out for the week! Other than that, I’ll be doing laundry and reading more of Harry Potter and the Funny Feeling You Get When You Lean Your Chair Back And Almost Fall, But Don’t.

Edit – 9:18 AM – Donald has posted pictures from the trip! I’ve sprinkled a few links in the above text to their pics as well.

All the other kids are doing it!

Today’s Friday Five:
1. How are you planning to spend the summer?
Getting a damn job! But in the meantime, attending Anthrocon, going to the beach with friends, and generally trying to hang out and have a social life on the cheap.

2. What was your first summer job?
Hmm…I think it was making minimum wage bagging groceries at Kroger in Anderson, SC. It was a big deal when Kroger came to Anderson and it was supposed to be a super-spiffy store. Funny – Kroger left, it became a Bi-Lo, and now I think it closed.

3. If you could go anywhere this summer, where would you go?
I like the idea of a week or two auto tour of British Columbia. Though a few weeks driving around Europe would be fun, too.

4. What was your worst vacation ever?
That’s tough. I spent a summer in Palm Springs – I loved the company (my aunt and uncle and cousins) but Palm Springs is in the desert, you see. In the summer. We actually fried an egg on the sidewalk, just to prove we could. I tried riding a bike down to the bookstore, six blocks away. I discovered that the dry heat of the desert sneaks up on you – after a two blocks, I was damn near ready to die. I’ve tried to stay away from deserts since.

5. What was your best vacation ever?
My parents lived in France for a few years (in Annemasse, just across the border from Geneva, Switzerland), and I was able to spend the summer with them for a couple years running. The summers in France were fabulous – great food, beautiful scenery, and learning about European culture. I was able to travel around and see some of the most beautiful places in Europe – Amsterdam, Val d’Aosta, Lausanne, Chamonix, Lyon, and of course many days spent just wandering around Geneva.

The Good and the bad

Well, I’ve got kind of mixed feelings right now.

First off, the bad: Got a call this morning from the recruiter that has the Lafayette, IN job. While her client liked me and still wants to interview me, they have just installed a temporary hiring freeze. She doesn’t anticipate that it will last more than a month or so, but in the meantime any interviews with them go straight to the back burner. Crap. I’d hoped to have a good fallback position in case the Carol Stream job falls through, but I guess you work with what you’ve got.

On the brighter side, we have some good news: Supreme Court strikes down sodomy laws! This is good news on a number of fronts, and not even the most obvious ones (though it’s kind of nice not to have to be an unconvicted felon in the state of North Carolina anymore). Bowers vs. Hardwick (and its stepchild here in NC, the Crimes Against Nature Law) has been used as justification for everything from banning gays from the military to preventing even the mention of homosexuality in school curricula (except, of course, to mention that sodomy is against the law in the state of North Carolina) to barring adoption by same-sex couples. There’s going to be a lot of repercussions from this ruling and I think a lot of good is going to be done. For an excellent analysis of the Lawrence decision, check out this commentary by Yale Law School professor Jack Balkin.

Ah, the joys of summer

Well, let’s see…the forecast for today – highs in the 90’s, sunny skies, humid, Code Red Ozone Alert, and the UV Index is at 10+ out of 10. Seems like a good day to stay inside.

Not a lot going on this week – just nervously waiting to hear back from various employers/recruiters. Had lunch over at wildmouse and me_not_you‘s house yesterday where we planned munchies for the weekend. On Sunday, a bunch of us are piling into a van way too early and driving down to Fort Fisher State Recreation Area just south of Wilmington for a day of fun on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and maybe visiting the aquarium. We’ll have a nice picnic lunch sometime in the afternoon, then later a tasty dinner at The Oceanic. Then it’s back into the van to be home before it gets too awfully late. Unfortunately, takaza won’t be able to join us swimming, since he had an ingrown toenail cut out yesterday. It didn’t look too bad when I helped him dress it this morning, but it’s still not something I’d want to go dipping into salt water (owowowowow!). It’s cool though – he can hang out with Thomas, who is of the non-swimming persuasion, and listen to more of the Harry Potter and the Order of Fries (or whatever) audiobook (it’s amazing how fast one can rip 23 CD’s!).

In the meantime I’ve got a good bit of cooking to do. Today I’m making a yummy Bolognese sauce (pasta sauce with tomatoes and meat) – if the recipe turns out well, I’ll post it. Then sometime before Sunday I need to make two loaves of bread (for the deli sandwiches), a batch or two of cinnamon scones, and a batch of chocolate chip/peanut butter chip cookies. That’s cool – I enjoy this kind of stuff. Oh, and somewhere in all of that I need to start in on reading Harry Potter and the Order of Hash Browns, Scattered, Smothered, and Covered that I acquired yesterday.

Incidentally, I’ve been listening to MusiKitty Radio for the past couple of mornings – a nice way to start the day. Interesting song in my current music, too – I never knew Bill Paxton was in a band, let alone working with folks from The B-52’s. Great track, rigelkitty!

Sleep is for the weak

Yesterday was fantastic, exactly what I was looking forward to. I woke up around 8 AM (wow, sleeping late for me!) and bummed around on the net until datahawk woke up around 9. Rustitobuck stumbled in not long after and we had an enjoyable, if completely unmotivated, morning of chatting and geeking on laptops. linnaeus showed up around noon and we went out for a late breakfast at Sammo’s, a nice little restaurant a block away from Rusty’s place.

After some regrouping, it was off for some geocaching with a nice tour of the area (3 finds, one miss since the clue required net access to solve – grrrr…). Afterwards, sylverfox joined us for a tasty dinner of grilled meats – brats, shrimp, chicken, and hamburgers. Throw in some baked potatoes on the side and it was delicious – Rusty is a grilling fiend with his George Foreman Grill! Innerwolf joined us as we were wrapping up, and we had a lot of fun sitting, chatting, and engaging in the requisite bit of SMOFfing. We got to bed around 12:30 AM, though with the after-lights-out chatting, we probably didn’t get to sleep until 1.

This morning I woke to dim light coming in around the window shades. I fumbled with my watch a bit, pressing a few wrong buttons until I found the one that turned on the backlight – 6:15 AM. Well, I wanted to leave at around 7:30, and since I was awake anyway, I went ahead and showered and finished packing up my stuff, then said my goodbyes to a very sleepy DataHawk. I stopped by the !Hen to get a Sunday Trib just as they were dropping them off – I thought it was oddly late for them to be bringing in the paper, but who knows? So I got my paper and guzzled my second DoubleShot, then got in the car.

When I started it, the clock in the car came on – 6:00 AM. Shit. When I was fumbling with my watch, I accidentally switched it back from Central Time to Eastern Time – I had actually gotten up at 5:15. Ugh. That means I got all of about 4 hours of sleep, which means come this afternoon I’m going to be dragging something fierce. Heck, I feel pretty sleepy now as I sit at the gate in O’Hare Airport writing this. Anyway, my flight starts boarding in about a half-hour and I’ll probably doze a bit on the plane. Only five hours until I see my wuff!

By the way, one neat thing from Friday night. Tincrash passed along three fabulous pictures he drew for Midwest Furfest – you can see one of them now on the Midwest Furfest home page. Really great stuff, fabulous detail, and a great use of the Roaring 20’s theme. Duncan-Bob sez check it out!