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Hump day

Another warm, almost hot day here. Temperature is supposed to be over 80, under sunny skies. Welcome to January in North Carolina, kids!

So plans now have us possibly attending Tourney of Ymir in a few weeks. This will be interesting – I was in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) for seven years, from 1992 through 1999. The last event I attended was up in Maryland in 2000, and the last local (NC) event I attended was…Tourney of Ymir, 1999. More on that in a bit.

Read more ramblings about the SCA and disaffection and fandom politics…

Well, this explains a lot.

President lacks features

WASHINGTON, D.C. (GP) – Millions of Americans watching the President’s State of the Union address on Tuesday will mistake him for a box of lentils or other common object.

That is the implication of a newly-released study which found that a very small percentage of US citizens can successfully pick the President of the United States out a line-up of everyday objects.

“Most Americans will think they’re looking at a plate of peas or a test pattern and wonder what that voice is,” said one researcher who worked on the eight-month study.

When placed amid an aggregate of utensils and other easy-to-find consumer items, the leader of the free world was accurately identified by an average of 1.7 out of 100 shoppers. This held true even when the focus groups were prompted by a small mustachioed man with a megaphone saying, “Ok shoppers, which of the items in front of you is the President of the United States?”

Read the whole article here. Truly Onion-worthy, even if that isn’t the source.

Miles away…

On a day like today, that’s where I’d like to me: miles away. It’s sunny and in the mid-70’s, and likely to stay that way through Thursday. Hmmm…it’s supposed to cool off this weekend but still stay warm-ish and sunny. I need to scope out more possibilities for hiking.

Work is still keeping me busy, though this week is a bit of a breather. Next week is going to be hell, though – large-scale batch with not enough equipment, space, or manpower. What fun! Thank heavens that should be the last one for a few months, at least. After that, it’s on to conductive adhesives for attaching heat sinks to circuit boards. That should be a fun project, if only because it will take me out to Indianapolis for a few days at some point to use their equipment out there. Hmmm…I need to track down some folks I know out that way and give ’em a shout.

Plans are shaping up for the next few months. Looks like while we’re at Technicon we’ll be leading a panel on “What is Furry?” At least that’s the plan at the moment, this may change. I’m just concerned that we don’t step on the toes of the furry group up at Virginia Tech, but one of the organizers of that group was the one that said we’d be welcome to lead the discussion. So, it should be interesting. I’m not sure what tack to take, but probably start out with the least-outre’ parts of furry, mention spiritual aspects later, and only mention the freakshow stuff that has hit the media at the very end, marginalizing it as much as possible. I’ll have to kick ideas around with Takaza.

Well, work calls…

It’s a beautiful day

…and I’m stuck inside all day. It figures.

Saturday was almost what I’d hoped for: a nice, lazy day around the house. takaza got us motivated around 2 PM, though, and we went out looking for ceramic tile stores for possibilities for the kitchen backsplash. The two places I knew of turned out to be closed, of course, but we did walk through Lowe’s and a carpet/tile place where the salesman ignored us completely (he had to be gay – what straight man would ever wear a black turtleneck?) I’ve got a line on some other places, though. I’m looking for someplace that has lots of sample boards set up so we can evaluate some different design possibilities, then we’ll buy a couple of sample tiles and see how the colors work in the kitchen.

Anyway, after that we stopped by Target, CompUSA (bleah – high prices), and K Mart, where I was reminded of why K Mart is in Chapter 11 – dirty parking lot, dingy store, surly help, and lousy products. We did buy a crosscut paper shredder, though, since I’ve been getting paranoid about all the credit card solicitations and such that we receive getting fished out of the trash, even though I tear them up before disposing of them. Naturally, after we bought it at K Mart, Dan saw an ad in a Target circular on Sunday witht he same thing for $10 cheaper.

Anyway, Donald and Janelle invited us over for dinner, and we spent the rest of the evening with them and Thomas, chatting and noshing. Whee!

Sunday was just fabulous. A group of nine of us took a three-mile hike out at Jordan Lake. It was a gorgeous day – blue skies, temps near 70. Dan was in shorts, but then he figures anything above 50 degrees is shorts weather. He’s weird, but I love him 🙂 Anyway, the walk was mainly through conifer forests with a small scattering of what appeared to be oak and tulip trees. The combination of a heavy coating of pine needles and leaves and the fact that the trail isn’t apparently heavily-used made navigating a bit more interesting than usual; after a bit of losing the trail, I wound up taking the lead (lead dog and all that…) and keeping an eye out for the trail blazes. And as a bonus, we got to hang out with Cliff, the spastic husky!

Afterwards, we hung out over at Donald and Janelle’s house and made grillables and things that are bad for us (mmm, mushrooms sauteed in garlic and butter…). I sauteed up some peppers and onions to go with some grilled Italian sausage, and life was good. The usual Sunday night gaming session was to follow (there’s a group of about eight of us who have a weekly Mage game running) and I announced I was dropping out. It’s unfortunate, but I’ve missed a lot of games since last September due to commitment ceremony and convention planning, and in the time away I found I didn’t much care what was going on with the game or my character. Rob put it best: he’d rather have people either in or out, not halfway in, dragging down the group. Everyone took it well, so it’s cool. I’ll probably still show up on Sunday nights since there’s a couple folks who don’t game but just hang out, chat, and play other games like Fluxx and stuff. Plus, that gives Dan some time alone at home every week, which is also good – I love being with him, but there’s also times that it’s good to be apart.

There’s more to ramble about, but for now I’m off to get some work done…

Links to giggle by

Blogsurfing: it’s an addiction.

Some fun blogs I’ve turned up lately:

And finally, remember that it’s always important to check if your ass is too small.

Procrastination and lack of motivation

I have in mind lots of projects, but never seem to quite get around to them.

One thing that is going to get done soon is putting in a tile backsplash in the kitchen (picture taken before we moved in, but you get the idea). I think that will really change the look of the room, and brighten it up from the omnipresent beige. takaza and I need to work out what colors we’re going to use still – we need to stop by a tile store and see what our options are. Who knows? If we get motivated enough today we’ll head and do that.

Once we get that done, the next step would be tiling the master bath. It has a nice garden tub and shower, but the walls are vast expanses of (again) beige. Some nice tilework would really revitalize things. The trouble is, we’re stuck in that perpetual homeowner quandary: how do you spruce things up and not make it too individualized? We’re only here for a few years, so every project has to be viewed from the standpoint of how it affects resale. Yeah, I’m a mercenary fucker, so shoot me.

Then there’s the bookshelves that need to go on either side of the fireplace. We’ll probably need to get someone in to do those, although what I have in mind is pretty basic: a cabinet base on either side, with shelves above (leaving enough room for a television to sit on top of the cabinet base on the left side). Given enough tools, time, and inspiration, that might even be a project we can tackle ourselves, but that’s at least a year off.

.–. .- –. . -… .-. . .- -.-

Last night was a blast. We joined Donald and Janelle, Thomas and Sherry, and Rob, Janet, and Ian for dinner at Errico’s Ristorante. Dan split a pizza with Sherri (pizza with meat, meat, meat, and a side of meat 🙂 while I had a very tasty stromboli stuffed with sauteed elk, basil, and mozzarella. After the meal, we had a chance to chat with the owner and also the chef – both very pleasant fellows. Even though the service was spotty (they’d been unexpectedly reviewed in Friday’s News and Observer and the resulting influx of people left them short on wait staff), we’ll definitely be going back, hopefully for one of their wine dinners. Yum!